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Zipolite - Mazunte - Agustinillo - Ventanilla

Forum for Zipolite and neighboring communities to the west 
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Thanks for Tam Zap

by bhm_to
245103/03/2024 07:50PM
Last Post by bhm_to

Post Dissappears

by Home Alone
1,874311/01/2023 12:00AM
Last Post by Charlie Chan

Facebook post about a UK citizen dying at Zipolite

by Ldrive
1,993210/31/2023 11:53PM
Last Post by Charlie Chan


by MexiCan#1
959210/31/2023 11:48PM
Last Post by Charlie Chan

Fire Link

by bhm_to
728103/14/2023 08:53PM
Last Post by bhm_to


by Frijole Contador
838112/04/2022 06:30AM
Last Post by Frijole Contador

Propane shortage?

by Frijole Contador
1,353101/03/2022 01:25PM
Last Post by Frijole Contador

New website about Zipolite

by Naked Wanderings
2,357110/16/2020 05:38AM
Last Post by Naked Wanderings

Are places open on Zipolite beach?

by Ldrive
2,140107/17/2020 05:41PM
Last Post by Ldrive

gabino silva Attachments

by jaimedelaselva
2,101206/29/2020 07:38PM
Last Post by seaweed

Beach closures

by Frijole Contador
2,189104/01/2020 02:01PM
Last Post by Frijole Contador

Andrea the Solar guy

by ohcouple
2,116202/15/2020 08:41PM
Last Post by ohcouple

Zipolite vs Pto Angel

by carsue
8,626901/25/2020 06:31PM
Last Post by Ldrive


by Adv Gypsy
2,183101/13/2020 07:24PM
Last Post by Adv Gypsy


by Adv Gypsy
2,143101/13/2020 07:22PM
Last Post by Adv Gypsy

Monarca condos?

by bocasecreto
2,409106/23/2019 03:21AM
Last Post by bocasecreto

La Ventanilla videos

by OaxacaGuides
2,418103/29/2019 06:38PM
Last Post by OaxacaGuides

Lee Oskar & David Rotundo, February 16th - Puerto Escondido Attachments

by Oaxacan Coast Blues
2,521102/11/2019 09:18AM
Last Post by Oaxacan Coast Blues

Come and play Pickleball in Puerto Escondido Attachments

by Puerto Pickleball
3,810101/09/2019 08:42AM
Last Post by Puerto Pickleball

Dawn Tyler Watson in Puerto Escondido, January 19th Attachments

by Oaxacan Coast Blues
2,646112/15/2018 09:39AM
Last Post by Oaxacan Coast Blues

Oaxacan Coast Blues January 19th Attachments

by Oaxacan Coast Blues
2,516112/11/2018 03:01PM
Last Post by Oaxacan Coast Blues

shambhala 1978 Attachments

by jaimedelaselva
3,232103/29/2018 06:22AM
Last Post by jaimedelaselva

American citizen killed in Mazunte

by Frijole Contador
5,741404/01/2017 02:05PM
Last Post by Frijole Contador

What a change!

by larisahinton
3,925402/13/2017 06:15PM
Last Post by liesma

Looking for Children’s Reading books in English

by shake_edwards
3,363102/13/2017 09:39AM
Last Post by shake_edwards

Roller blinds, sunscreen, and other Attachments

3,718312/02/2016 01:25PM
Last Post by DecoracionesBetel

Finding accommodation during Christmas / New Year

by massimo
3,476211/28/2016 02:26PM
Last Post by Willy

Pool tiles/Zimat

by solasol
3,352210/04/2016 09:16PM
Last Post by solasol

VW Safari- Thing 1975 for sale $70,000

by tincar
3,841108/01/2016 09:01PM
Last Post by tincar

What kinds of shortages should we expect?

by Basketeer
3,623407/05/2016 09:41AM
Last Post by Frijole Contador

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