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Forum for Zipolite and neighboring communities to the west 
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Private cooking, classes or training

by Aldo
2,823204/11/2012 12:25PM
Last Post by erinleemay1976

Mobile Broadband?

by seancho
2,547404/07/2012 08:19PM
Last Post by johnzap

Does anybody know any monthly rentals available in Mazunte?

by Xtremesurf
3,191203/26/2012 11:19PM
Last Post by johnzap

Tourist? Is anybody there now?

by unoboca
2,702303/26/2012 08:23AM
Last Post by johnzap

Mazunte Beach Bungalow For Sale

by Huatulco Rentals
3,333101/15/2012 05:22PM
Last Post by Huatulco Rentals

Estrellita de Mar

by Cam & Carol
2,571112/12/2011 01:53PM
Last Post by Cam & Carol

Sewing Machine

by Frijole Contador
2,660109/18/2011 07:34AM
Last Post by Frijole Contador

Seeking: Long-Term Ocean Front Rental

by Lucia
2,627108/31/2011 05:01PM
Last Post by Lucia


by ahujon
3,648502/18/2011 12:38PM
Last Post by seaweed

Beach Day Trip

by bjkvn
3,643902/18/2011 12:23PM
Last Post by seaweed

Plane Tickets for Sale- Hualtulco-Mexico City-Feb 21

by casa de oso
2,916102/15/2011 07:02PM
Last Post by casa de oso

Local Cooking

by cougarboy
3,474201/24/2011 01:28PM
Last Post by Aldo


by flybuy
3,287301/18/2011 05:36AM
Last Post by flybuy

Seeking 1 month rental, summer 2011

by phoebe
2,927101/14/2011 08:48PM
Last Post by phoebe

White house rental

by Cam & Carol
3,137501/09/2011 09:38PM
Last Post by Cam & Carol

Vote For Adventurez in Mexico for the Open Web Award

by artistatina
2,742111/28/2010 12:42PM
Last Post by artistatina

Legumbre Fun

by ahujon
2,997210/15/2010 06:04PM
Last Post by mezcalmarty

Looking for a friend....

by OffTheRadar
3,177109/26/2010 11:49AM
Last Post by OffTheRadar

AdventureZ in Mexico

by artistatina
3,062109/16/2010 09:31PM
Last Post by artistatina


by ahujon
3,613309/16/2010 09:25PM
Last Post by artistatina

Hurricane Frank

by ingmar
3,015108/31/2010 11:55AM
Last Post by ingmar

Adventures of Angel-"THE MOVIE!" Attachments

by artistatina
3,119107/29/2010 12:21PM
Last Post by artistatina

Zipolite Paintings! Attachments

by artistatina
3,165106/01/2010 12:14AM
Last Post by artistatina

Vote for Us!! Adventures of Angel

by artistatina
3,034205/17/2010 10:46AM
Last Post by mexhapati

Wanted Designer/Architect

by txtraveler
3,235705/16/2010 02:38PM
Last Post by mexhapati

Housesitting Opportunities

by flybuy
3,298105/12/2010 05:11PM
Last Post by flybuy

Gay and looking

by jerry sheffield
3,333304/25/2010 09:11AM
Last Post by WOW1

Earthquake reports?

by mazuntina
3,024202/27/2010 12:22PM
Last Post by cdugal

Place to Rent

by hermit
3,437101/07/2010 11:18AM
Last Post by hermit

Ana and Jeff

by mazuntina
3,490401/07/2010 11:05AM
Last Post by hermit

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