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What a change!

Posted by larisahinton 
What a change!
January 31, 2017 01:19PM
Just got back from a trip to Zip. Last one was 7 years ago. First one was 30 years ago. It's still wonderful but the hotels, some luxury, some with pools and a/c were a little shocking. A lot less travelers and a lot more folks that seemed to only be there to be nude. I'll always love Zip but it may not be my dream anymore. Lots of love to everyone.
Re: What a change!
February 09, 2017 06:48PM
I went to Zipolite for the first time 40 years ago. Probably similar then to when you went 30 years ago.
There were only 3 palapas on the beach at that time...Felipa's, Lourdes', and Pancho's, who is no longer with us.
It doesn't even seem like the same place now! Can't even see the beach from the now paved road!
In fact, I don't consider it the same place, but I've grown to appreciate it, as it is now.
We live in Puerto Angel, and enjoy going to one of the many restaurant for dinner.
Re: What a change!
February 12, 2017 07:39PM
This is our 2nd year visiting Zipolite. Absolutely love this little town. I'm sure it has changed in the last 7 years but it is wonderful. Two reasons we came back, one is that Zipolite beach is one of the only nude beaches in Mexico and the other reason is the food! Never have we been to such a small town with such amazing culinary delights! As far as the nudity goes, we haven't noticed anyone walking into restaurants nude, nor anyone demanding all beach goers be nude-it's a choice and people seem to let everyone be - nude or not. Only one thing that is bothersome, certain men that believe it is acceptable to dine topless, and I don't mean at the beach. I'm referring to evening dining, in town-ick.
Re: What a change!
February 13, 2017 06:15PM
I soo luv Zipo and nudism on the beach,BUT call me old fashioned, I want to see dressed people at the restos......strut your fashion folks !
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