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Forum for Zipolite and neighboring communities to the west 
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TIKI the best kept secret in La Punta Zicatela

by tincar
1,652112/29/2015 08:56PM
Last Post by tincar


by Spoolmak
1,340212/20/2015 05:21AM
Last Post by Frijole Contador

Zipolite May 2015 Storm

by bhm_to
1,611310/03/2015 08:54PM
Last Post by johnzap


by Frijole Contador
1,612108/13/2015 02:29PM
Last Post by Frijole Contador

ATM/Cajero Automatica

by johnzap
1,8591105/17/2015 06:31PM
Last Post by Chloe

surfing competition in San Agustinillo

by rojolobo
1,653104/02/2015 02:19PM
Last Post by rojolobo

Drowning This Weekend

by johnzap
1,870203/19/2015 07:59AM
Last Post by liesma

sunset colors Attachments

by johnzap
1,520102/24/2015 02:15PM
Last Post by johnzap

Aerial joys

by johnzap
1,347202/24/2015 02:08PM
Last Post by johnzap


by unoboca
1,508102/04/2015 07:14AM
Last Post by unoboca

Eating the detour... Attachments

by johnzap
1,356101/27/2015 09:37PM
Last Post by johnzap

places to stay in Roca Blanca area

by showmethefacts
1,477401/27/2015 09:25PM
Last Post by johnzap

Public Transit

by johnzap
1,498501/22/2015 07:38PM
Last Post by seaweed

Taxis from HUX

by Chloe
1,460301/22/2015 07:33PM
Last Post by seaweed

Street Construction and Empties

by bhm_to
1,790901/12/2015 05:24PM
Last Post by johnzap

zipo murder

by nadamas
7,5482401/11/2015 10:03PM
Last Post by johnzap

Tio Chilo's

by johnzap
1,268212/03/2014 04:48PM
Last Post by johnzap

Zippolite blog

by mexmexmex
1,638310/11/2014 12:24AM
Last Post by anshu

Doctor in area?

by shawmn
1,462304/08/2014 11:16PM
Last Post by johnzap


by verna
1,448304/08/2014 11:13PM
Last Post by johnzap

More Dogs Than Ever?

by bhm_to
1,467204/08/2014 11:08PM
Last Post by johnzap

Rent bike

by shawmn
1,508503/29/2014 11:02PM
Last Post by shawmn

Dave Rotundo at Babel Cafe Zipolite

by MexLivn76
1,486102/26/2014 08:13PM
Last Post by MexLivn76

Horse Shoes on Mondays

by fridge2305
1,349101/23/2014 08:58PM
Last Post by fridge2305

Walking the road between Zipolite & Puerto Angel ?

by liesma
1,736101/08/2014 09:23AM
Last Post by liesma

COST of TAXI ....HUX @ highway TO ZIPOLITE

by liesma
1,640312/30/2013 03:41PM
Last Post by johnzap

Bank of America Petition

by Farkem
1,412212/04/2013 05:28AM
Last Post by alan vlautin

New Opening of La Providencia

by JohnCalypso
1,501111/22/2013 11:27AM
Last Post by JohnCalypso

Playa Ventura - Huatulco

by janinibean
1,744310/28/2013 11:29PM
Last Post by johnzap

business opportunities in Mexico

by jillandmartin
1,947310/25/2013 08:02AM
Last Post by driftplastic

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