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Forum for Zipolite and neighboring communities to the west 
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Rent bike

by shawmn
2,257503/29/2014 11:02PM
Last Post by shawmn

Dave Rotundo at Babel Cafe Zipolite

by MexLivn76
2,121102/26/2014 08:13PM
Last Post by MexLivn76

Horse Shoes on Mondays

by fridge2305
2,095101/23/2014 08:58PM
Last Post by fridge2305

Walking the road between Zipolite & Puerto Angel ?

by liesma
2,395101/08/2014 09:23AM
Last Post by liesma

COST of TAXI ....HUX @ highway TO ZIPOLITE

by liesma
2,291312/30/2013 03:41PM
Last Post by johnzap

Bank of America Petition

by Farkem
2,109212/04/2013 05:28AM
Last Post by alan vlautin

New Opening of La Providencia

by JohnCalypso
2,138111/22/2013 11:27AM
Last Post by JohnCalypso

Playa Ventura - Huatulco

by janinibean
2,433310/28/2013 11:29PM
Last Post by johnzap

business opportunities in Mexico

by jillandmartin
2,639310/25/2013 08:02AM
Last Post by driftplastic

How is the weather in Zipolite after all the storms

by tirado2013
2,466709/30/2013 08:47PM
Last Post by johnzap

palapa -cabin for rent zipolite adoquin

by gundi
2,393408/31/2013 10:51AM
Last Post by unoboca

New Yorker article set in Puerto Escondido/Mazunte

by alan vlautin
3,667407/15/2013 01:35AM
Last Post by Charlie Chan


by taft37
2,138105/13/2013 01:13AM
Last Post by taft37

FOR SALE: 2002 VW Pointer -- very good condition, low mileage - $39,000 MXN (Oaxaca - Puerto Angel) Attachments

by costachica
2,558104/16/2013 01:49PM
Last Post by costachica

Need to contact Jachonja

by johnzap
2,125102/13/2013 11:40PM
Last Post by johnzap


by mexhapati
2,544102/12/2013 03:36PM
Last Post by mexhapati

Solstice Sunrise, Videos, Photos & Websites from Zipolite

by artistatina
2,464112/22/2012 01:08AM
Last Post by artistatina

Guatemala Earthquake

by mazuntina
1,962211/09/2012 10:12AM
Last Post by Frijole Contador

¬°Viva Puerto¬° magazine issue on Mazunte

by Imago
2,643411/01/2012 10:09PM
Last Post by johnzap

need the use of piano or keyboard

by Lcf195@yahoo.com
1,966110/26/2012 06:47AM
Last Post by Lcf195@yahoo.com

All is Well and Beautiful as ever in Zipolite

by artistatina
2,557110/07/2012 11:43AM
Last Post by artistatina

Zipolite Needs Your Love! Attachments

by artistatina
2,628109/20/2012 09:16AM
Last Post by artistatina

Casa Orquidea Zipolite Vacation Rental Home

by Casa Orquidea
3,2491809/11/2012 02:13PM
Last Post by Lamar

Casa Orquidea Zipolite Vacation Rental Home

by Casa Orquidea
2,501109/07/2012 11:55AM
Last Post by Casa Orquidea

advice on selling a house in zipolite

by doltex
3,780809/04/2012 06:13AM
Last Post by tinuviel

Rotties at El Alquimisto

by johnzap
2,686307/16/2012 04:39PM
Last Post by Beachbaby

Zipolite Paintings Video Attachments

by artistatina
2,451406/18/2012 03:30PM
Last Post by johnzap

Shambhala on Facebook

by seancho
2,336305/30/2012 09:10PM
Last Post by seancho

automatic gates

by Vamos
2,175104/13/2012 09:41AM
Last Post by Vamos

Private cooking, classes or training

by Aldo
2,608204/11/2012 12:25PM
Last Post by erinleemay1976

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