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The Best of Puerto Escondido

... and the worst as well

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What are the best places to eat? Who has the best margaritas? Where can I find an O-ring? What is the name of that place I should avoid? Is there an honest lawyer in town? Well, ask no more. The readers of tomzap.com have ganged up to stamp out mediocrity and announce the best (and sometimes the WORST) that Puerto Escondido has to offer. And if you find that I have got it wrong or left out something, feel free to send me your remarks and do explain WHY you think that particular place/business/activity is the best. And if you agree with something it would be good to hear about that as well. This is your resource, please keep it up to date. Email: tom@tomzap.com

For you foreign visitors, I should mention that Puerto Escondido has a substantial expatriate population. Naturally these folks develop a longing for the things they miss, like a hamburger, pizza, sushi, etc. When these are available locally, they are appreciated by the local population but if you are coming from a foreign country, such items found here may not match your experience. What you are more likely to enjoy is Mexican food prepared in Mexican restaurants. But if you do eat at an Italian or French restaurant, for example, it is generally better to go ahead and order the dishes they specialize in rather than their Mexican entrees.

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