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The high season is December 21 through April 15, with rates usually at least 20% higher. Reservations are recommended for Easter week and Christmas week 6 months to a year in advance. During the remainder of the high season there will normally be many vacancies although some hotels will be full at times. The locations of some hotels are shown on the map of Puerto Escondido. This is only a partial listing. There are many more hotels, especially in the downtown area.
Along with the hotels, you will also find condos, apartments and villas listed. Pricing on these alternative accommodations is often quite reasonable. Rentals of condos, apartments, and villas are also available through local real estate agents, which are also listed below. Information is available on making telephone calls.
The principal areas for tourist hotels are Zicatela Beach, the long surfing beach in the southeast part of Puerto Escondido, Playa Principal, the more centrally located beachfront area, and the westward residential areas of Rinconada, Carrizalillo, and Bacocho. The downtown section is located across the highway from the Playa Principal area.
Additional accommodations are available in Mazunte, San Agustinillo, Zipolite, and Puerto Angel, well to the east and Jamiltepec, well to the west.

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Top of page | Budget | Moderate | Expensive | Realtors | Trailer Parks

Top of page | Budget | Moderate | Expensive | Realtors | Trailer Parks

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