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This is your resource. Please keep it up-to-date. Send in your suggestions and updates,
giving the location and including reasons why you think it is the best or worst.
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What are the best places to eat? Who has the best margaritas? Where can I find an O-ring? What is the name of that place I should avoid? Is there a good dentist in town? Puerto Angel is still a small town so the offerings are somewhat limited but we can still find that some things are better than others. I'm going to need your help in building up this information. So please email me with your suggestions as to what is the best or the worst in Puerto Angel. You can comment on existing categories or create new ones such as best breakfast, best fishing guide, best taxi driver, best beach restaurant, best accommodation value, best wi-fi connection, etc. Please include an explanation of WHY you think it is the best or worst. And if you disagree with the information that is already here, feel free to send me your remarks and include a reason as well. And if you agree with something it would be good to hear about that too. This is your resource, please keep it up to date. Email: tom@tomzap.com.

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