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San José del Pacífico, Oaxaca

GPS 16°10.07'N 96°30.19'W

San José del Pacífico is located high in the mountains (about 8000') on the Pochutla-Oaxaca highway 175 about 120 km/75 miles north of Pochutla, Oaxaca. Regional map [122K].

(951) 572-0111 (only phone in town)
(951) 596-7330 (cell, Hotel Puesta del Sol)

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  San José del Pacífico is a beautiful little hillside community and is the best place (maybe the only place) to stop overnight on the drive between Oaxaca City and Pochutla.

The restaurant at left is located where Highway 175 intersects with the main road at right, leading to the rest of the town. They appear to also have some rooms for rent here at the restaurant. Decorations at right are for the annual Día de San José (March 19) festivities. San José is the patron saint of San José del Pacífico, as well as for some other towns such as Chacalapa, Oaxaca.

If you continue up the road in the photo above, you will soon pass the municipal building at right.

Further on up the road is an old church where the Día de San José festivities are centered. This included basketball games, food, and merchandise for sale. They were also selling a mixed alcoholic drink for about a dollar that contained some fruit and came in a wooden cup that you got to keep. The celebration continued into the evening with fireworks and loud explosions, but we didn't attend since we hadn't brought any winter clothing for the very cool evenings.

San José del Pacífico is also known for its psilocybin mushrooms and some visitors may be there to enjoy their (usually mild) hallucinogenic effects. Mushroom season runs about July to October but they may be found at other times preserved in honey. The mushrooms are illegal. If you are interested in mushrooms, you might also be interested in this link to Cuajimoloyas where they hold an annual Feria de Hongos.

The Restaurante Rayita del Sol (above), is located right on the highway. This is where the town's only telephone is. You can make reservations at the town's hotels and arrange tours, etc., by calling (951) 547-4225 or (951) 572-0111. At right is the view off the back patio of the Rayita del Sol, of scattered elements of the town.

  The Puesta del Sol restaurant and hotel is probably the nicest place to stay and is located on the highway just north of town at km 131.5. It features a lovely wildflower garden in front and several cabins with fireplaces scattered around the hillside connected with sidewalks.

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