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Street Construction and Empties

Posted by bhm_to 
Street Construction and Empties
March 28, 2014 01:51PM
Down here right now in the midst of the huge road work right in town, all streets in the main town area are being ripped up to get fixed like they are in Mazunte.Going to be nice but major mess right now.

What really bugs me is i have been buying beer at one store closest to me. Brought back empty ones same day etc. and had one empty litre bottle left. Did a road trip the next day brought the bottle back the next and in what I could understand could not get my 15 pesos back as it was two days later and he will only give money back if you bring empties back the next day. Whats with that baloney? So i just left it there. I will not be buying beer there again but will make sure I walk buy each time and flash my full bottle to this merchant who is now in disfavour.

Does anyone understand this policy? Where can I bring back my bottles from a case I bought in Pochutal?

Re: Street Construction and Empties
March 28, 2014 02:07PM
On the bottle, does it say they are returnable, but refundable?
Re: Street Construction and Empties
March 28, 2014 02:24PM
The bottles in the case are Victoria but I cant really tell if returnable or refundable. Still have the receipt and do see IVA and IEPS that i dont really know what these two line items are.
Re: Street Construction and Empties
April 08, 2014 11:10PM
IVA is the value-added tax. Not sure about the IEPS.
Re: Street Construction and Empties
May 26, 2014 08:01PM
what a cheapskate. go to the deposito in front of the military reten at the crossroads of Pochtla/Puerto Angel. You spend much more for the same beer in your home country.
Re: Street Construction and Empties
October 07, 2014 02:34PM
So I am cheap because I don't like getting charged 15 peso deposit for one bottle of beer and then 2 days later he wont give me my 15 pesos back even though he knows I bought it there? He is the arsehole.

Also I like to take the other empties back so they dont end up as smashed glass and add to the garbage down here. Man why do you even comment, I spent all kinds of money down there going restaurants every night and enjoying the town and this is the response I get? No wonder no one uses this forum anymore.
Re: Street Construction and Empties
October 07, 2014 04:59PM
OK, here is the rationale of the storekeeper: The bottles were not back the next day when the vendor brought more beer. The storekeeper had to pay more deposit to re-stock. His move was not reasonable and not beneficial in the long run, but he may well have been "short" when the vendor came and he was taking it out on you.

I understand your distaste for being called "cheapskate". Sort of like being called "gringp rico", even though by any reasonable comparison, you are. But it's sort of like my nickname, "Pinchejuan". I could be miffed; I could be defensive ("I'm pinche 'cause I won't buy you beer? I don't drink!); or I can laugh with it and embrace the the name. Each their own.

But it's a lot like me complaining about a $15usd tab at El Alquimisto for their fabulous filete de tuna aleta amarilla, saying I could get one almost as good at Piedra del Fuego for half the price. Any complaint has to be while keeping in mind that I'd drop 50-65 usd for one not nearly so fresh at Eddie V's on 5th Street in Austin.
Re: Street Construction and Empties
October 18, 2014 06:33PM
My Experience- Invierno 2014.

I finally used the deposito in town. But did Not realize there was a 24 hr time frame for returning. (check this on the top of the receipt- as they do not tell you). The reason I used it was that my favoured beer was not available in the few tiendras in the village of Zipolite last winter.

So,first time I returned the bottles, there was no one on duty and was told to wait. ( 20 minutes passed but Euro soccer was
on the tv in the deposito with seats outside). The boy responsible was taking a shower, someone said. Finally, I got my deposit and purchased more cervezas.

Next time, I let it go beyond a day, and got there ( Honestly ) 2 Hours late, and the Gloat on the face of the young chico was a little
over the top for me... He obviously didn't want me as a further customer. So I lost my 15 pesos for each beer I'd taken out and said, " Gracias, nada mas,senor". Pochutla or Puerto Angel is just down the road.

Have had similar experinces with other locales in the village. Sometimes the tiendra won't give you anything for your bottle deposits, after paying 10 to 15 pesos each at point of purchase. Other times they charge different prices for same cervezas, different days, depending on who's on duty, which in Canadian change would amount to 30 cents more each bottle.

Not that one is counting pesos, but after years of spending xxx Winters in the same village, one would hope not to deal with such

C'est la vie, take it in stride - such as Montreal winters.
Re: Street Construction and Empties
January 12, 2015 05:24PM
The na to taking a detour through tope-heavy streets. But you can still stop in a Tio Chilo's for a Corona longneck for a buck and swp rumors and lies in English...
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