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Barbecue Take-out and Delivery

Posted by johnzap 
Barbecue Take-out and Delivery
December 30, 2015 11:00AM
I hesitate to be overly self-serving, but if I am, Nancy will let me know and I'll move the post!

First, a disclaimer. We are doing major renovations at Tio Chilo, but until they are completed, only the dog-friendly need plan to dine in-house. We are also the House of the Fat Dogs, so if you object to several dogs with pleading, longing eyes gathered at the foot of your table, you should dine carry-out or call me for delivery.

COFFEE: No jar of Nescafe here! We have organic, mountain-grown beans from Xanika. Volume does not allow brewing every 20 minutes. We will probably have to brew a fresh pot. Beans are ground just before brewing.

ENTRE: Nearly every weekend, I slow-smoke chickens, a rack of ribs, a pork leg. To this point, I've yet to have enough business to pay for the meat I cook, but TEXAS-STYLE SMOKED MEAT is an obsession. I use Huisache, which is slightly milder than mesquite and burns cooler. The temp in the smoker is kept between 250-300 degrees F. Chickens take 5-6 hours; ribs and legs, 8-10. Any order over 250 pesos, I will deliver as far as Mazunte. Since what I cook is more than we can sell nor eat in a day or two, there is nearly always pork leg or ribs vacuum packed and stored in the freezer for sandwiches during the week.
I also do steaks with a 24 hour advanced warning and will make 1/4 kg hamburgers whenever the coals are hot.
Baked potatos or maccaroni salad are served as a side with cole slaw available.Iced tea, too
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