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Honest Reliable House-Sitter Available

Posted by motown 
Honest Reliable House-Sitter Available
January 23, 2016 10:07AM
I am looking for a house sit in your area March 13th-April 1st. If you or anyone you know is looking for someone please contact me at mafstill@aol.com and I can supply you with profile and references. You can leave home guilt free when you have a caring, capable house sitter. I am a fit, active, non-smoking, financially independent woman. I am a mature , responsible, and self-reliant home owner. Like you, I have experienced the pleasures, trials, and tribulations that accompany owning a home and pets.I can help you feel relaxed and comfortable knowing your home and pets are treated with the love and respect they deserve.

I love experiencing new places and learning about new cultures. I have traveled all over the US, Europe, New Zealand and Australia, Mexico and Costa Rica.I am very adaptable to different lifestyles, cultures, and environments. I have found that house-sitting is a great way to travel and see the world from a local rather than tourist perspective.

You can feel assured your home is being looked after by a fellow home owner ,who respects and understands the investment you have in your home. Besides knowing the routine of running a household, I have had experience in yard care, and gardening . I have a green thumb and am a avid gardener. I have also owned a home with a pool and jacuzzi so am very knowledgeable about maintaining them.You can rest assured that you will come home to a tidy, well-maintained home and garden. My policy is to leave a home in better condition then when I arrived.

I am an animal lover and have had a wide variety of experience with animals.I love pets and they respond well to me. I have owned cats and dogs all of my life. I also owned a farm property with horses , cows, chickens and sheep. From having important pets of my own I understand they are part of the family. Feel confident that you will come home to a happy, healthy, relaxed pet.

I have had many house/pet sitters and totally understand your perspective. I loved the security of knowing my home was well cared for and that my pets would not be lonely without me, but would be happy to welcome me home. I would love to bring this service to others.
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