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Santiago Jamiltepec, Oaxaca

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The hilltop town of Santiago Jamiltepec, population 20,000, dominantly Mixtec, is located 18 miles east of Pinotepa. It was named by a Mixtec ruler in memory of his infant son, Jamilli, who was carried to this hilltop by an eagle. The remains were found in a tree and the child was buried beneath that tree on the site of what was later the alter of the church of Jamiltepec. In the Nahuatl language, Jamiltepec means "Hill of Adobe". In the Mixtec language, Jamiltepec means "Casandoo" which means adobe house. There are fiestas on January 1, February 15, September 1, and the week of Ramos before Easter. It's a good place to find local handicrafts such as carvings, masks, huipiles and hats. The busiest market day is Thursday.

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On the left is La Iglesia (church) Principal, in the center is the zócalo (town square) with its two clocks, then the city hall (with the arches) and the city jail. A la izquierda se ve la Iglesia Principal y en la parte central se ven los dos relojes des zócalo (uno de sol y otro de luna) y el edificio que esta de arcos es el Palacio Municipal y a continuación está la cárcel del Municipio de Jamiltepec.

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