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Vote for Us!! Adventures of Angel

Posted by artistatina 
Vote for Us!! Adventures of Angel
April 26, 2010 12:56AM
Hola Amigos,
Yo espero tu tiene un bien winter this year. Mi espanol es still muy malo. One would think that after 5 months you'd learn to conjugate.
I need books, and after the first ones burned in the fire in Zipolite back in 2001...well I never bought knew ones.

Anyways, we had a great time in Zipolite this year. It is really changing though..but then it stays the same...but ...it's really changing...
I am glad we have been able to spend the time there that we did. I almost took it for granted, I really treasure every special quality...the huge waves crashing on the shore...that you get so used to..and miss so much later...when things got crazy for a bit, we just made daily calming walks to the meditation point...and the afternoon sunset stroll...always some errand to run, but not really doing anything...Time moves slower there...and no tv helps, or fridge, stove or laundry...well not my own, and that is what makes one so appreciative later.

We were lucky to have visited Punta Cometa a few times this year, and spent the last 2 weeks in Oaxaca City, for Semana Santa. That was so incredible...I can't describe it, you'll have to check out our blog, and I have so many other photos, that I will break down and edit and separate into different blogs...Zipolite Dias(that was alot of fun, felt like the whole town really came together..), Punta Cometa, Oaxaca City, ..lots of good stuff ...so check back.

For now there's this contest, for The Best Travel Job Ever Contest, [besttraveljobever.com]
and we made a little video, and if you could please/por favor vote for us, we would really appreciate it.
Hasta Luego Gracias, Thank you,
Besos y Abrazos,
Tina y Angel
[angelsbestvideos.blogspot.com] (Our Best Videos)
Re: Vote for Us!! Adventures of Angel ...hi artistatina!
May 17, 2010 10:46AM
thanks for your nice post... we did vote for you and are now following you on tweeter...

if you ever need anything from this part of mexico, don't hesitate to let me know!

Rene Olguin Munoz
mexhapati artesan ceramica
Calzada de los Heroes 41
Colonia Miguel Hidalgo
Dolores Hidalgo, Gto
ph 418 182 2098
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