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Private cooking, classes or training

Posted by Aldo 
Private cooking, classes or training
January 16, 2011 07:55PM
Hola a todos los miembros de este forum.

Mi nombre es Aldo Arias y soy Chef. In english, my name is Aldo Arias and I am a Chef.

My wife Gaby and I move to Puerto Escondido from Rosarito Beach, Baja California, two weeks a go. I was let know of this forum by Barbara Joan Schaffer.

Our excuse for moving all The way over here was that, the traffic, the violence, the burglary and so on, really got to us.
I had been down here one other time, three years a go. And my wife lived back in that time in Huatulco. She work in UMAR, that's one of the state's university.

She came back for vacation several times after that. I couldn't make it with her. The last time, one or several of her friends told her, to just move down here with me. And we did. And here we are.

My back round started at the bar, and I've had almost every job in the restaurant business. Now I am a chef, and I want to offer:


My last job was a cooking instructor, so I think you guys can get together and I will come to you. I can teach anybody how to cook, even if they never cracked an egg.

I'll be cheking the forum once or twice a week, for your information and if somebody will decide to do something cool with my knowledge I'll will deeply appreciate it and can start rite away.

Nice to be here, hope to meet you all or some of you.

Mucho gusto y quedo a sus ordenes.

My cell from Baja still works.

(661) 112 7520 Aldo

I actually just moved with my wife to PE, and will travel to your place any time if I'm needded.
Re: Private cooking, classes or training
April 11, 2012 12:25PM
Hola Aldo!

I manage a vacation rental program in Puerto Angel for a condo called Viewpoint Developments. You can check out my website at www.mexicovacationrental.org. We may have owners and renters interested in both cooking classes and catering/chef services. I am wondering what your rates would be for both. This most likely would occur next season starting October or November.

Thanks so much!

Erin May
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