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Rotties at El Alquimisto

Posted by johnzap 
Rotties at El Alquimisto
March 26, 2012 08:14AM
On my last day at Zipolite last week, my companion decided on El Alquemisto, an upscale beach eaterie at the Shambala end of the beach. On the way in, my extremely docile English Setter, Sweet Sadie Sue the Surfing Setter was run over and bitten by a large Rottweiler with absolutely no provocation. The owner did get his Rottie under control. My appetite was gone, but Laura had an incredible raw tuna filet, 3" thick; pepper crusted and in a delicious sauce. But before the meal was complete, we witnessed the Rottie attack the dog of yet another customer's dog. Needless to say, Sadie was on a very short lead out to the parking lot.
That night, at Cafe Maya (the Zipolite lifeguard stand), I was expressing amazement to Ray and his wife that any tourist would bring such an aggressive dog and let it loose. They explained to me that the European owner of El Alquimisto has three Rottweilers; that many dogs have been attacked; and that the dogs have actually attacked people, as well, and that the lifeguards had actually taken at least one bleeding victim to the Emergency Room in Pochutla. They implied that the dog owner had spent a bit of cash to make the story stop short of the police.
So, while the food is unbelievable and only slightly overpriced, DO NOT GO TO EL ALQUIMISTO if you are travelling with a beloved pet. I would extend the advice to any person who tends to be growled at by strange dogs.
Zipolite is a magic place with amazing places to eat and stay. New reviews are forthcoming. But be careful with your pets.
Re: Rotties at El Alquimisto
June 11, 2012 11:58PM
I was walking on that beach in front of the Alquimista (a couple of years ago) alone, my child wasn't with me at the time and the dog started to come at me from behind...I turned and started to yell at it and it backed off but it's scary. And really sad to hear that's still happening. I know the dogs attacked someone on a moped behind the Alquimista.

That's really bad news for everyone :( I would hate to think we have to carry pepper spray or something to protect ourselves on that lovely beach. I hope somebody deals with it and soon.

It's good advice to be careful of your pets but be really careful of yourselves!!
Re: Rotties at El Alquimisto
July 16, 2012 04:39PM
I just read this today. My experience yesterday was, I saw one male Rottie laying down keeping an eye on things. I sat at a table near him, and held the back of my hand towards him to see if he was friendly. I got the "Don't bother me lady" look. I am pretty good at Rottie language, having had one in the past. So I just turned my back to him and left him alone. He left me alone.

However, if I had read this string before going to El Alquimista, I wouldn't have even tried to see if he was friendly. I would never expect the owner of a dog with a history to allow them to roam around their business.

However, the food was the best I've had on the Oaxaca coast - so I will be back; but I will also be more aware of the dogs.
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