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business opportunities in Mexico

Posted by jillandmartin 
business opportunities in Mexico
February 12, 2012 01:38PM
[My husband and I are looking to relocate to Mexico. We are focused on the area of middle and southern Mexico, preferring an area near tourists (international and domestic) and near the beach.

We have searched the Internet and have yet to find something that suits our situation. We are now hoping that you or someone you know are aware of an opportunity or a professional that has knowledge that could assist us.

We are a bi-lingual, multi-cultural family with connections to Mexico. We have two small children and so would consider their needs in any relocation. Mexican immigration is not a concern (we have the needed documents to work in the country).

Any replies are appreciated and responses will be given on an as needed basis.
Re: business opportunities in Mexico
July 15, 2013 01:30AM
I dont know if my last post made it. If you have an extra 2 to 5 thousand for the police, depending how successful you are you may be Ok. If you are competing against locals you may want to take out some life insurance. Making the Dog Dance is all that it is about. Remember if your extranjo you have no rights reguardless of whay INM says. It just depends who you have problems with. In the end you cannot win and paying off the Ministerio is just part of living in a lawless state. The #1rule for people thinking about moving to Mexico is rent for two years and do not leave. You will be more than educated in that time you will either run like a naked man on fire or pay the extra fees associated. If your a couple make sure your tight as the attorneys will approach the women and say do you wany everything? for a fee your husband will dissappear or he will be charges with a crime and forced to leave the state. If money is no object then you will soon find that it is an object of others fancy. Go to Costa Rica where the most intelligent of entire latin america live. First look around and see so many businesses that open up and in a few years their places look like their twenty years old. good luck
Re: business opportunities in Mexico
October 25, 2013 08:02AM
was this that missionary who ended up in rio grande? they probably need some help in rio grande about now.

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