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Tio Chilo's

Posted by johnzap 
Tio Chilo's
November 30, 2014 03:20PM
If you're here already, you're no doubt aware that the transfer point in Puerto Angel for camionetas and taxis has been relocated by infrastructure construction a block up the road, to right in front of Tio Chilo's. By happy coincidence, sufficient storm recovery has allowed Tio Chilo to resume food service. So instead of just grabbing a beer or soft drink, you can grab a sandwich or tacos good enough to wait for the next collectivo. Chiliquiles, chicharrones, and, most mornings, buttery home-made biscuits are available for breakfast and even comida corrida for lunch. English is spoken - and Texas-style barbeque is coming soon.
Re: Tio Chilo's
December 03, 2014 04:48PM
Buck a beer while you wait. Cold longnecks of Corona and Indio run 13 pesos, and can break the monotony of the wait for the next Collectivo or Camioneta.
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