Leander Car Show 05-04-2014

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  • Sunday, May 4   Leander Car Show in Leander, TX, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. This was our third time to play at the Leander Car Show. We can't really count the previous March show. That one got cancelled due to a cold front blowing in, though we did set up and play a couple of songs. This time the weather was clear, warm, and perfect. We introduced a new original song, That's What She Said and we played the Dick Dale song, King of the Surf Guitar.

    Some of our friends came by to see us including Peggy and Brian from Rabbit Hill Cantina where I had played a few songs at the open mic the night before. Ray from Big Dam Scooters stopped by to say hello. Stan was there but his Delux Studebaker was not.

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Tomzap performing I Can't Get Over Loving You by Tom Penick at the Leander Car Show

Setting up early for Tomzap

The cars are arriving

... and another one

The kids are arriving

The crowd gathers. This was a popular show.

Rock out, ya'll

In the foreground the folks selling tacos were right in front of us and wisely wearing ear plugs. Friends Peggy and Brian are in the background.

And here's Tomzap

And then there's cars, cars, cars. I like this one.

Check this out! 1936 Auburn Boattail Speedster

Is that a movie star?

Texas Mobile Dyno checks the performance of a car

The mobile dyno is pretty popular

Another customer lines up for the dyno test

This is the Mustang area

And some more Tomzap photos

Taking it to the street

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