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This song was written March 2012 by Tom Penick. It is about the idea that a person's name, if the name has a meaning, can influence the path that person takes through life through the power of suggestion. The concept is called nominative determinism. For example, our drummer's name is Jeff Pounds. Besides pounding the drums, he also pounds nails--he is a carpenter.

The person named Garnet, mentioned in the song, is someone I know but her favorite color is actually purple, not garnet. But those lyrics are what came into my head. Garnet (the person) actually does fit the idea of the song but it is her last name that fits the pattern, not her first name.

The passage "One name that is known, And another all his own" refers to the idea of giving a child a first name and a middle name, one of them being a common name and the other being a unique name. That way he or she has the choice of whether to blend in with a name that their peers won't make fun of or use the unique name if they want to stand apart from the crowd.


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