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Take On Me was written by the members of the Norwegian band, A-ha. A-ha released the song in 1985 and it became a hit due in part to its award-winning music video. The video featured a technique called rotoscoping in which pencil sketches are animated. The instrumentation is dominated by sythesizer while the vocal climbs through a 2-1/2 octave range.

For our version of Take On Me, bass player, Rodger Hutchins, handles the keyboards using a Roland midi synthesizer while Tom Penick sings the lead vocal and plays the bass part using a 6-string guitar lowered one octave by a DigiTech processor. Drummer, Jeff Pounds, provides the backing vocal.

Play Take On Me (recorded in practice by Tomzap 6-30-12)
See the music video by the band A-ha


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