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This song was written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil and is performed in the 1968 movie Wild In the Streets by the fictional band Max Frost and the Troopers, lip-synced by actor Christopher Jones. Why did we pick this song? Sometimes the song picks us. We have fun doing it. It is only 2 minutes long.

The movie Wild In the Streets is considered a cult movie. It is based on a short story by Robert Thom. It is about a rock star who uses his popularity to rise to the presidency of the United States. This was achievable because of an increase in population of youth that enabled a voting majority. This parallels the real life coming of age of the baby boomers at the time. Once in office he mandates retirement at age 30 and puts everyone over 35 into concentration camps. He establishes a hedonistic society. As a member of the remaining age group, our hero himself seems old and a younger faction vows to move the retirement age down to 14. The actors include Christopher Jones, Hal Holbrook, Shelley Winters, and Richard Pryor. Clips from the movie can be found on youtube.com.


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