Steve's Place, Wimberley, 12-28-2013

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Saturday, December 28   We took advantage of almost warm weather during this winter season to have a small outdoor party at Steve's Place at 115 Mill Race Lane in Wimberley, TX. The weather was partly cloudy with temperatures in the lower 60s with a light breeze.

There was a light turnout today. People in attendance included Luther and Janese, John, John W., Dean, Michael, Gene. Rachael, from Austin Artists, made a brief drive-by appearance.

We played all of the songs currently on our playlist.

tomandsteve (107K)
Tom and Steve rocking out

  • Come and See the Show   by Tom Penick
  • Start Again   by Tom Penick  
    Set 1:
  • Talk   by Cold Play
  • De Música Ligera   by Gustavo Cerati of Soda Stereo   about
  • Traveler   by Tom Penick   about
  • What's in a Name   by Tom Penick   about
  • I Can't Get Over Loving You   by Tom Penick
  • It's Alright It's Okay   by The Hawks
  • Everlong   from Foo Fighters
    Set 2:
  • Take On Me   from a-ha   about
  • Never Say Goodbye   by Tom Penick
  • Somebody Loves You   by Tom Penick   about
  • On and On   by Tom Penick
  • Lords of Light   by Rodger Hutchins   play
  • Hallelujah   by Leonard Cohen
  • Innerphase   by Tom Penick   about
  • On My Island   by Tom Penick
    Set 3:
  • Got to Have a Habit   by Tom Penick
  • Highway Song   by Tom Penick     about
  • Disco Eterno   by Gustavo Cerati of Soda Stereo
  • Killer Foam   by Rodger Hutchins
  • Go Go Power Rangers   by The Mighty Raw
  • Wear Your Love Like Heaven   by Donovan Leitch
  • Rebel Yell   by Billy Idol and Steve Stevens
    Set 4:
  • It's Beyond Me   by Tom Penick   about
  • Sueles Dejarme Solo   by Gustavo Cerati of Soda Stereo   about
  • Get Together   by Tom Penick
  • Audience of One   from Rise Against
  • One Day at a Time   by Tom Penick   with Steve Hall on drums
  • Vortex   by Rodger Hutchins   with Steve Hall on drums
  • Shape of Things to Come   by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil   about
    Tom performed solo:
  • Love Song   by The Cure
  • Holiday   by The BeeGees
  • Heat Wave   by Holland-Dozier-Holland

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