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Tenacatita Closed

Posted by carolandpuppy 
Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 06, 2010 04:32PM
Here's the first page of an article from the Guadalajara Reporter. I can't get the next page since I'm no longer a subscriber. There are also several posts about what's happened at Tenacatital on the La Manzanilla forum, here: [members5.boardhost.com]

Residents and business owners say that armed state policemen ordered them to vacate the area immediately. A wall of police in full riot gear kept them from returning. More than 24 hours after the early morning August 4 takeover, many of the approximately 800 people who were displaced were still waiting, in the rain, to retrieve their belongings.

Some less patient residents of Tenacatita and the neighboring village of Rebalsito drew attention to events by shutting down Highway 200 for more than an hour on Thursday, August 5. Traffic was backed up for several kilometers in both directions from the Tenacatita entrance after protestors spanned the only north/south artery through Costalegre with a barricade of logs and large rocks.

Access to the beach is permitted only with an “official” escort. Drivers also were asked to show identification and sign in. Both the La Huerta Ayuntamiento secretary, Javier Arias Nava, and a Puerto Vallarta-based Jalisco Human Rights commissioner had to give up their cellular phones and cameras to police before they were allowed to enter, according to reports from Spanish-language daily Milenio.

Police were the given the order to evacuate residents from an district judge in Autlan, Jalisco.

“We’re just following the judge’s orders,” said Jalisco Public Security Chief Luis Carlos Najera. The judge based his ruling on deeds held by Rodena Inmobiliaria, owned by Tapatio businessman Jose Maria Andres Villalobos. His lawyer, Jorge Diaz Topete, said the firm intends to construct a resort in the area, including a golf course. Diaz said the residents moved off the property aren’t owners and were only in possession of the land.

This is the fourth time Villalobos has acted to clear the area. These included similar incursions in 1993, 1998 and most recently in 2006, when various local fishermen were arrested during a similar land grab. Many residents fear repercussions from their involvement in similar altercations with authorities in years past. According to Milenio, some residents that tried to re-enter the zone were beaten by police. Some 15 to 20 palapas have been destroyed so far, say reports from boat owners passing the area. The communal land owners (ejiditarios) said they were given no notice and hope that a legal stay (amparo) they have in the works will keep them from having to move.

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Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 06, 2010 05:28PM
a great loss to the folk in the area...land issues aside, the loss of acess to an area (bring up huge numbers in an international sense)... it may be the greatest loss...
Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 06, 2010 05:40PM
PAGINA 24, a local Jalisco newspaper reported (and my Spanish is not the best and the paper is not online) that there is the possibility of more violence (so far three shot (one guy was 75 yrs old) and wounded among the ejido and two state policemen). The paper reported the number as about 55 - 60 ejido members involved in a dispute over 40 hectares of land, 17 of whom were arrested -- the youngest, age 15. The Human Rights folks were officially investigating the use of force, while the State Police security guys say they were just enforcing the law and the head of the Central National Campesina org (my guess is this is a state or national ejido org) was objecting and asking for the governor's intervention. The word "pendejados" was used by someone when talking about the action (I think the campesina guy) which I was told means "asshXXXs." By later in the day apparently everyone was using words like "the situation is complicated."

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Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 06, 2010 07:56PM
That is the end of the story -- there's no next page.
Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 06, 2010 09:21PM
[www.milenio.com] (from the La Manzanilla Message board).....

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Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 07, 2010 07:01AM
tecuan, cuixmala, tamarindo, what's the next????? tenacatita???
Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 07, 2010 02:01PM
from Guadalajara Reporter:


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Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 07, 2010 08:10PM
Sent: Sat, Aug 7, 2010 4:02 pm
Subject: Tenacatita Update

These two news reports came in a few hours ago from Noticistema, a Mexican news service:

Denuncian tala de mangle en Tenacatita
Tras desalojar a ejidatarios de la playa de Tenacatita en el municipio de La Huerta Jalisco, la Inmobiliaria Rodenas comenzó a desmontar una zona de mangle para construir una barda perimetral al parecer sin el permiso de la Semarnat denuncia el diputado local panista Ramón Demetrio Guerrero.
“Yo considero que es un delito ambiental y que en ese sentido nosotros estaremos actuando, independientemente del proceso legal y creo que se está violentando el medio ambiente en la zona”.
Advierte que el próximo lunes acudirá ante la delegación Jalisco de la PROFEPA para presentar una denuncia contra quien resulte responsable por destruir un hábitat de alta fragilidad. (Por Víctor Montes Rentería)

Basically this says Rodenas began to cut the mangle to put up a perimeter fence without permision of Sermarnat (the environmental agency). The local Panista diputado (gov't. rep) says "I consider that this is an illegal environmental action and in this sense we will be taking action, independent of the legal process and I believe this is violently affecting the environment in the area." This monday the Jalisco delegacion of PROFEPA (the federal agency in charge of the environment, they're over Semarnat), to denounce whoever's responsible for destroying a highly fragile habitat.

Ayuntamiento de La Huerta, Jalisco apoyará a comuneros en la defensa legal de predios
Porque se presume que la Inmobiliaria Rodenas despojó a varios ejidatarios que tenían título de propiedad de sus terrenos, en la playa de Tenacatita, el Ayuntamiento de La Huerta Jalisco, apoyara a los comuneros en la defensa legal de sus predios, confirma el diputado Ramón Demetrio Guerrero.
“El próximo lunes estarán en la Presidencia Municipal de La Huerta recibiendo toda la información de argumentación en defensa de los pobladores, todos los títulos de propiedad para preparar el amparo”.
La decisión se tomó luego de que al menos 42 hectáreas del predio en disputa fueron regularizadas mediante el Programa de Certificación de Derechos Ejidales PROCEDE en 2006 por el presidente Vicente Fox y algunos ejidatarios recibieron un título de propiedad lo que no fue respetado por Rodenas quien se apropió de esos predios según dice. (Por Víctor Montes Rentería)
This one basically says that because Rodenas evicted several ejidatarios who had title to their property in Tenacatita, the municipality of La Huerta will support in the legal defense of their properties. On Monday, they will be in the Presidencia in La Huerta, receiving al the information and titles in defense of those people in order to prepare a restraining order/lawsuit. At least 42 hectars (approx. 105 acres) in dispute, were given title in 2006 by President Fox. Rodenas did not respect these titles and has appropriated these lands..

These are not exact word for word translations - more like a summary of the information.

Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 08, 2010 12:37AM
Have been told by local sources that the Marines have blockaded the bay so that photos can't be taken from boats.

Is there any confirmation of this?

Evidently what's happening there isn't being reported yet by American or Canadian news media.
Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 08, 2010 12:53AM
Sorry. I deleted this post which I didn't realize was already posted above. Hope today will bring good news about Tenacatita and its people.

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Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 08, 2010 10:14AM
I wonder what 105 acres looks like on the beach. And did the people that built that hotel on the rocky bluff get thrown out too?
Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 08, 2010 11:41AM
Wow, Tenatacita has changed in the short time i have been there, I never realized the houses on the far beach nor the large building on the main beach (a hotel?) There sure is alot hanging in this battle. I hope the little guy wins the battle.
Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 08, 2010 11:51AM
Hi Folks addition pictures and descriptions: With the asking price for the parcellas of concern. (i think).

As usual everything has a price for some.


One More site with the current price and the concession information mentioned.


Third Edit:


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Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 08, 2010 12:01PM
Of course then again, some zetas could have a chat with mr. villalobos. I understand their consultation fee is quite reasonable.
Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 08, 2010 12:58PM
Dangerous talk RentMex - Aguas - ...................
Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 08, 2010 01:20PM
It has been reported that there is a lot of smoke up in that direction. Does anyone have any info?


Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 08, 2010 02:18PM
Please re-read, and ask questions if you care to, Vallartagal's (a 26 yr expat) post on this subject, #14 from the beginning.

She comes as close to anyone I have met that understands and respects this wonderful country and how it works as well as how it differs.

Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 08, 2010 04:42PM
I received an email this morning urging expatriates to get involved in this political matter.

I understand the urge. But I would also counsel caution. Article 33 of the Mexican constitution provides: "Foreigners may not in any way participate in the political affairs of the country." That "in any way" has been interpreted broadly in the past. The same article gives the president absolute authority to deport any foreigner.

As a rule, I would never write a post like this. They always sound far too preachy. But I would hate to see people I like deported out of a good-hearted gesture.


Steve Cotton
Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 08, 2010 05:19PM
haven't seen it said any better...anyplace...
Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 08, 2010 05:24PM
Here is something you can do without fear of deportation, just keep quite at the Grito Mexicano in public.


A reflection on the meaning of this year’s bicentennial/centennial independence day celebrations on the Diez y Seis de Septiembre (16th of September).

This year Mexico celebrates 200 years of Independence from Spain and the passage of 100 years since the Mexican Revolution.

Each year on the night of September 15, the President of Mexico rings the bell of the National Palace in Mexico City . He repeats a cry of patriotism (a grito Mexicano) based upon the "Grito de Dolores" from the balcony of the palace to the assembled crowd in the Zocalo (or national square), one of the largest public plazas in the world. This event draws up to half a million spectators.

A similar celebration occurs in cities and towns all over Mexico. The mayor (or governor, in the case of state capitals), rings a bell and gives the traditional words.

The following is a reflection on this year’s independence day from the Mexican blogosphere.

“This 15 of September there will be no cry, there will be only silence, for Mexico.

Let's do something with real value for Mexico, which really proves that we are united in disagreement on how to combat insecurity.

This 15 and 16 of September let us turn our backs to our leaders.

Let our leaders celebrate our national holiday alone, only they have anything to celebrate.

That for the first time in the history of this country, the cry for independence and freedom be a great silence of discontent and disgust.

That our principal leaders and representatives feel that we too can reject them.

This is what moves us, this is why we react, this is knowing what it is to have a country kidnapped. We live in anguish, shielded behind bars in our homes and businesses.

This is not a time to say VIVA MEXICO, nor to celebrate anything, nor to applaud the Army, or the president, nor his party that have been unable to provide control or welfare. And much less security, which is the least they should do for that is why a state is founded.

So I propose that this September 15 there be no cry but only a great silent cry of anger and complaint.

Let the governors and the representatives, alone in their respective plazas, shout the cry in the air to their families and teams since only they believe. They have served us for absolutely nothing, if you look they approved only the reforms that suited their interests to get more support and / or votes.

Join this truly historic movement for the sake of your family, your community, your state, your life and the country in which we all live.

This 15 of September there will be no cry, only silence, for Mexico.

Let us issue the cry and celebrate (if there is something to celebrate) in our own homes with friends and family, and not stand around over there for the parade. Let them celebrate the only awards we have received lately, a pair of Olympic medals and a first place in kidnappings.


VIVA MEXICO! Only without the farce of these rulers and their cry for independence in their plazas across the country.”

Link to the original Spanish version of this statement.
Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 08, 2010 05:28PM
RE: [steveinmexico.blogspot.com]


BTW, the term bank trust was created by RELAGATORS™ to avoid the difficult term fido comiso

Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 08, 2010 05:48PM
Dobie - posted this on La Manz board:

This just in from Irene, a German woman who has title to her property (through a fidecomiso) on the palmar of Tenacatita - not in the federal zone:

I have hardly slept and eaten for 3
days. Trying to get things organized and rescuing some of my stuff. Please read this carefully, I am here in the hub of the wheel. I don't
have time to read the press.

I am too tired to search for the right terms. So this is the story:

the guy who took over had a court decision, which is over 10 years old, so out of date, not any more applicable. The state judges andgovernor are corrupt. They are breaking every possible law, blatantly, and get away with it.

- Nobody was allowed to see the eviction order, let alone get a copy

- They showed me a legal document which looked more like a court protocol, in any case it was not titled "eviction order" and worse, there were no specifications about who should get evicted. That isagainst the law. They didn't even know my name.

- All the titles and documents like the one saying that there is absolutely no infringement on the lot in the sense of claims of third
parties were issued starting from after the elapsed 11 years. So they are more up to date. And they are issued by the federal government.

- the police didn't let any media onto the sites

- they didn't let the attorney general of the county in

- the president of the county was in Guadalajara at that time, he immediately stopped all his meetings and made about 160 telephone calls
to get into contact with higher authorities

- the attorney general and the president of La Huerta are municipal, the judges are state and the police as well. So they are higher ranked

- the police committed various violent acts against civilians, they went into señor Cruz' s house while he was sleeping and shot around. I
saw a young boy who was completely covered with wounds from rubber bullets. A restaurant owner at the beach was menaced with getting killed, because she wanted to see the order (Lillian). La Guera was in Raul's house, beside the filling station, in the kitchen, and they pointed a gun at her head through the window. I personally didn't have bad experiences with the police, apart from them tearing down my new fence, but I wasn't in the village at the time. I got the information from the people concerned.

- 17 people got arrested, for doing practically nothing, 3 minors. They got freed last night

- Yesterday afternoon the federal judge issued an order of suspension(amparo) stating that all actions on the side of the occupant should
be stopped. All the high-ranked officials got informed immediately. The police didn't react. This noon Notary Lomeli's associate went with
Ivan, the municipal attorney general and Carlos, the president, and the police still didn't react. They claimed that they hadn't got any orders from
their superiors.

- they are putting up meshed fences starting at the very beginning of El Palmar, right beside the lagoon, level of the bridge and in the mangroves besides the Hotel Paraiso. They are also drilling holes in the street to put in gates. I went there this afternoon, because I learned that more things had been dumped into the parking place below El Paraiso

- Another law infraction: robbery. They took everything out of my house while I was there and what didn't fit into my car got dumped besides the Paraiso, only they didn't tell me, so I learned that by chance, because I saw someone with my beds on their truck. I had 10 minutes to get my things together. In the morning they told me to get my valuables, that I had 5 minutes to leave. Which I didn't, so they came back at night with that so-called eviction order, and instead of
starting the work on the other houses, they concentrated on me to intimidate me.

- the worst law infraction, if it is possible to say so, is the fact that this greedy real estate company is privatizing 4 beaches, which
according to Mexican law should always be open to the public, if I am not mistaken. Nobody will be able to get to any beach any more, unless
client of their all-inclusive, golf resort.

I would like to stress the following: everybody in the professional field, such as politicians, lawyers, notaries are shocked about this
blatant usurpation of power, violation of laws and abuse. The only way to get our right back is strong and massive legal action, everybody has to make a denouncement (?) with the police and support the actions of the lawyers and private persons, with their personal presence and money contributions.Like Kiko (president of the ejido) and somebody else whose name I forgot who went to Guadalajara to get the amparo. Tonight the townspeople are going in buses to Guadalajara because tomorrow at 9 there is a meeting with a state secretary and there will be a lot of medias. I am not going, because being German I might risk getting expelled. I will be busy contacting German media.

This is a very serious situation, not to be underestimated. It would be good if you could come down, not Dobie, because you have no land
there, but everybody who has a property. We also need the attention of the foreign media and governments. Irene
Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 08, 2010 05:51PM

let's let a few days of mexican justice show up and tell us further...there are several defensible positions here...

and, it's pretty easy for arbon to be a provacature from a long way away...no problem for that guy...

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Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 08, 2010 06:31PM
Dry House, if you understand that the article is about keeping quite (not saying any thing)do you still think that that is being "Provocative" for YOU.

Link to the original Spanish version of this statement.

Diez y Seis de Septiembre, 2010 (part 1)
| Borderland Reporter Gerardo [www.borderlandbeat.com]

Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 08, 2010 06:51PM
"if you understand that the article is about keeping quite"

sorry arbon...i'm usually quite sure of what kind of trouble my writing gets me into...

what is your point?
Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 08, 2010 09:28PM
Did someone ask "what's next"?


As a matter of fact, whoever has an escreturo in Melaque, please raise your hand!

Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 09, 2010 10:21AM
Maybe Villalobos has also seen the recent construction going on around Tena and thinks that if he doesn't jump in now he's going to lose it all for sure. I also feel sick for the palapa owners and wonder what will happen to Playa La Mora. Lots of beautiful memories on the beaches of Tenacatita. Hope they're not just memories.

Buzzard: The Grand Melaque - what's the scoop on it lately? Is it being fought over between the hotel owner and the insurance company or the hotel owner and the ejido? Does anybody know? I've heard various and misleading accounts through the years.
Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 09, 2010 10:21AM
Just like Hotel melaque..Karma will prevail........................
Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 09, 2010 11:06AM
I asked and was told that it is the ejido and the owners and that the owners may also be fighting with the insurance company. The ejido own the land and want it back or operating, the owners own the building and they may still be trying to get something from the insurance company so that they can rebuild.
Re: Tenacatita Burned and Closed
August 09, 2010 04:00PM
I tried posting before, but obviosly it did not get past the moderator...not sure why.

Tenacatita is Ejido land...how can there be foreigners with "escrituras federales?"
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