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Forum for the City of Colima and Comala, including Cuauhtémoc, Suchitlán, La María, Volcán de Fuego, Nevado de Colima, Tampumacchay, Minatitlán 
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Hacienda San Antonio festivities

by Comala Host
2,737106/09/2015 05:22PM
Last Post by Comala Host

El Feria & Virgen of Guadalupe

by Polinero1
2,475506/01/2015 03:03PM
Last Post by Comala Host

Hotel near Clinica Union

by Happy2trvl
2,464505/08/2015 11:09PM
Last Post by Happy2trvl

AFP: Mexico's 'Volcano of Fire' in Colima spews colossal column of ash over neighbouring Ciudad Guzman

by manzanillo2011
2,454204/19/2015 12:27PM
Last Post by Comala Host

BBC: Yellow Volcano Alert

by manzanillo2011
2,437404/06/2015 10:17PM
Last Post by Comala Host

Night Colima Volcano Lava sightseeing tour

by Comala Host
2,473103/20/2015 05:10PM
Last Post by Comala Host

Some observations on recent news in Mexico

by hernanderson
2,460103/09/2015 09:52AM
Last Post by hernanderson

Moonlight volcano slope trekking

by Comala Host
2,958103/03/2015 11:11PM
Last Post by Comala Host

Colima al Natural videos

by iamx
2,443102/28/2015 10:52AM
Last Post by iamx

Tampumacchay archeological site

by ronycoca
2,403302/24/2015 08:51PM
Last Post by ronycoca

Don´t like the killing of the bulls & want to see the biggest handcraft of the world?

by Comala Host
2,364202/17/2015 07:48PM
Last Post by Comala Host

Barra de Navidad Canal Home For Sale

by Chris K
2,373102/11/2015 03:22PM
Last Post by Chris K

Plastic Surgeon -Blepharoplasty

by Happy2trvl
2,268201/29/2015 07:13AM
Last Post by Mikeinthehat

Volcanic exhalation Jan 19th, 2015

by Comala Host
2,454601/23/2015 09:10PM
Last Post by Nan

New Volcano Cam

by sparks
2,432101/17/2015 01:53PM
Last Post by sparks

DIF office

by CeeZee
2,308301/17/2015 06:21AM
Last Post by CeeZee


by Sunrise Sunset
2,333101/11/2015 01:54PM
Last Post by Sunrise Sunset

restaurants in Colima, Colima   (Pages: 1 2)

by Willie Bodrak
7,1823601/10/2015 07:03PM
Last Post by Polinero1

Colima Volcano Hike

by Comala Host
2,722101/08/2015 04:36PM
Last Post by Comala Host

Historical Colima photos in Jardín Libertad all January

by sparks
2,415101/08/2015 01:52PM
Last Post by sparks

New bistro cafe in Comala

by Comala Host
2,433212/10/2014 08:28AM
Last Post by sparks

Ayotzinapa student identified

by tony r
2,328112/06/2014 07:33PM
Last Post by tony r

Colima in the news

by tony r
2,452312/05/2014 08:32AM
Last Post by Comala Host

Comala fiestas 2014

by Comala Host
2,345212/02/2014 07:32PM
Last Post by Comala Host

AP: Volcano Spouts Ash, Hot Rock

by manzanillo2011
2,470512/02/2014 07:31PM
Last Post by Comala Host

Bicycle shop

by Mexico Don
2,515511/26/2014 07:40AM
Last Post by Mexico Don

Cancer treatment in Colima

by Kuffy
2,407511/25/2014 04:21PM
Last Post by Comala Host

Solar water heater

by KuyutlanKid
2,359211/25/2014 04:16PM
Last Post by Comala Host

Horseback riding on volcano slopes

by Comala Host
2,620511/13/2014 09:30PM
Last Post by Comala Host

Hostal Casa Blanca update

by iamx
2,392111/12/2014 10:49AM
Last Post by iamx

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