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restaurants in Colima, Colima

Posted by Willie Bodrak 
Re: restaurants in Colima, Colima
June 05, 2014 12:50PM
Anybody know if La Pasta is still open for business?
Re: restaurants in Colima, Colima
June 07, 2014 05:10AM
We were there a few months ago and it was open and very good. Note that the little map on Trip Advisor is or was incorrect. It's a couple of blocks off the street shown so use a different map. The restaurant itself is not conspicuous from the street - it's nestled back kin the corner and hard to see.
Re: restaurants in Colima, Colima
June 08, 2014 01:38PM
Thanks for your reply. Heading back to Colima and interested in checking out the old and new restaurants that also serve a good drink. Been gone 5 years.
Re: restaurants in Colima, Colima
July 18, 2014 05:24PM
A nice restaurant in Colima is Cronos (Cl. Jesus Ponce corner with F. Sevilla del Rio).
The style cannot easily be classified, you have to go and explore by yourself...
Re: restaurants in Colima, Colima
September 29, 2014 12:30PM
Pan de campo is a new interesting option for food lovers.

Many diferent options like libanes tabule with a mexican touch. They are located one block north of Office Depot in Colima.

Open in the afternoon and they bake their own bread.

P.S. You got to try their Sirloin Burger.

Re: restaurants in Colima, Colima
January 10, 2015 07:03PM
Stayed at a wonderful Hacienda a few blocks fron the zocalo. Ordered in from the Oaxacan restaurant in the thread. Ah que Nanish. Food was great. The staff from the hacienda de Gobinador sp? Plated and serverd the meal on our private patio. Food was great. The hotel was great too. Check out the hotel!
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