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Pluma Hidalgo

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Pluma Hidalgo
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Zócalo with church in background

View of the zócalo from the church

Zócalo with Comedor Raquel in the background

Restaurant Flor de Café and Expendio de Café (coffee vendor)

A street in Pluma Hidalgo. On a clear day, you can see the ocean (not today).

Another street with hotel in background.

A closer look at the hotel

Pluma Hidalgo's church fronts onto the zócalo. Hotel in background at right.

City Hall on the northwest corner of the zócalo

This seems to be a public kitchen, across from the jail.

A view toward the ocean

A bird soars past

Library, Jail, and Ambulance

Closeup of jail cell

An ATV tour takes a break at Comedor Raquel

Road to Pluma Hidalgo

Doggy on the roof

Western Union Office, Banamex

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