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Indigenous Oaxaca

Linguistic Map of Oaxaca
at the Time of the Spanish Conquest

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Zapotec Cuicatec Chinantec Nahua
Chatino Mazatec Huave Chontal de Oaxaca
Mixtec Ixcatec Zoque
Amuzgo Chocho Mixe

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Total Populations of the
above Indigenous Speaking
People in the Country of

This is according to a 1990
census of people ages 5
and over by the Instituto
de Estadística, Geografía
e Informática (INEGI)

Amuzgo                28,228
Chatino               28,987
Chinantec            103,942
Chocho                12,553
Chontal de Oaxaca      2,232
Cuicatec              12,677
Huave                 11,955
Ixcatec                1,220
Mazatec              168,374
Mixe                  95,264
Mixtec               383,544
Náhuatl            1,197,328
Zapotec              380,690
Zoque                 43,160
Total Indigenous   _________
   in Mexico       5,282,347

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