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Cacalotepec, Oaxaca

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Cacalotepec is approx. 30 km west of Puerto Escondido. It has a big broad beach that sometimes has a good surf break but is better for boogie boards. Puerto Escondido sports fishermen often bring clients here to fish yellow fin tuna and gallos. It has some great palapa restaurants on the mainland beach, frequented by Puerto locals looking for beaches quieter and more remote than those in Puerto.

Roca Blanca is a big rocky island in the middle of this broad bay plastered white from the many seabirds that roost here.

There is another Roca Blanca in Zipolite.

  Brown Boobies on Roca Blanca.
Photo from Michael Malone

See also Birds of Huatulco and Birds of Manialtepec.

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