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Mixtec Archaeological Site

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Over the years, the owner has collected a number of stones from his fields that were used by the previous Mixtec inhabitants. We found his peanut field to be littered with pottery shards.

The Jamaica flower (Hibiscus) was being grown in the fields on the site. The flower is used to prepare the drink Agua de Jamaica.

Squash blossom used in Oaxacan cuisine.

Heavy undergrowth and moist conditions from the rainy season kept us from visiting the Mixtec ball court. The VW is from Económica Rent-A-Car

Squatters belonging to a Christian group are taking over this landowners property. The group has built several structures in the last year. Once settled, it is difficult to remove these people.

Gina, the Information Goddess, stands in front of a peanut field.

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