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Mixtec Archaeological Site

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca
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The archaeological site commands a spectacular view of Puerto Escondido and the Pacific Ocean

Pyramid overgrown in vegetation
A Mixtec ceremonial center was discovered in early 2000 within walking distance of Puerto Escondido and is considered a major discovery. The site covers many acres with about 10 pyramids and a ball court. A number of large carved stones have been found. Situated on a hilltop, it commands a spectacular view of Puerto Escondido and the Pacific coast. The site is on private property and is not open to the public. The large archaeological site spans several privately-owned plots of land.

To say that the site has been discovered, as was reported in news accounts, is not exactly accurate since the landowners have always known of its existance. Revealed may be a better word. The piramids appear as hills covered in vegetation as is typical of undeveloped archaeological sites in tropical area. The symmetry is the hills are more noticeable on close inspection but is not necessarily apparent to passersby.

A problem for the landowners is that if the Mexican government deems the archaeological important then the land can be taken away from the landowners without compensation.

I visited the site in October 2005 with Gina, the information goddess, and one of the landowners. The mixtec ball court is on this property but we were unable to get to it due to heavy vegetation and wet areas brought about by recent rains. The ball court has vertical walls that are visible, not completely overgrown.

At this time it is uncertain whether it will be possible to tour the site. Contact Gina with your questions.

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