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Playa Carrizalillo

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The steps down to Playa Carrizalillo are in very good condition in this November 2006 photo
CARRIZALILLOrailing (135K)
New railing added in 2013. The railing was donated by Bill Holman honoring his wife who passed away in 2012. She worried about Bill making the climb to take his swim.

CARRIZALILLOrailingdetail (135K)
Detail of railing added in 2013
CARRIZALILLOdedication (113K)
Dedication ceremony for new railing

Fortunately it is shady much of the way (2006)

The beach is pleasant for swimming and snorkeling although I thought Puerto Angelito and Playa Manzanillo were a little better for snorkeling. Numerous restaurant palapas line the beach.

Here is a menu for one of the beach palapa restaurants.

Click on it if you want to read it.

Everything was still very green when this November photo was taken, not long after the rainy season ended.

This is the path that leads back to the Rinconada from the top of the steps.

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