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Playas of Oaxaca - Aerial Photos

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The photos on this page begin west of Cacaluta and continues to the east.

west of Cacaluta

Playa Cacaluta is just coming into view in the background at right

Playa Cacaluta

Playa Cacaluta was the filming location for the beach scenes from the award-winning adult movie Y Tu Mamá También, a 2001 Mexican film written by Carlos Cuarón and directed by Alfonso Cuarón.

Playa Cacaluta

Isla Cacaluta

detail of Isla Cacaluta

Playa Cacaluta, eastern side

Playa Cacaluta

Isla Cacaluta and Playa Cacaluta

tour boat makes its way toward Cacaluta

rocky coastline just to the west of Playa Maguey and Bahía Organo

Bahía Organo in background, Playa Maguey just out of view to the left

detail of Bahía Organo from above

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