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Huatulco International Airport (HUX)

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San Miguel del Puerto, Oaxaca
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Pluma Hidalgo, Oaxaca
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Huatulco, Oaxaca
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Santa María, Oaxaca
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Piedra de los Moros
Salina Cruz, Oaxaca
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International arrivals and departures are to the left and domestic flights to the right. The airport has a single runway 25/07. Runway 25 is most often the active runway. Aircraft will circle once to the left over the bays both on arrival and departure. Passengers seated on the left-hand side of the aircraft will have the best view.

Aerotucan is a small airline that operates a 13-passenger Cessna Caravan between Huatulco, Oaxaca and Puerto Angel. (06/16)

TAR Airlines has a Embraer Jet that flys 50 people only on Thursday, Friday and Sunday from Huatulco to Oaxaca. $2271.90 pesos is the regular price and sometimes they have specials. The Dimar travel agency can help you get tickets. (06/16)

The airport is located on Hwy 200 (Carretera Costera) Km 238, 13Km/8Mi west of Huatulco.
GPS for the airport entrance (NOT for aircraft navigation): 15°46.084'N 96°15.486'W

Ground Transportation

Private Flying

    Flight to Huatulco Webmaster, Tom Penick, records his February 2008 flight from central Texas to Huatulco in a Piper Arrow.

    While in Huatulco I also took a sightseeing flight and photographed 60 miles of the Oaxacan coastline. See Photographing the Playas.

    In 2016, the Huatulco airport had avgas and tiedowns (wings only) but no ropes were available. Gas may be paid for in pesos or by American Express (no Visa or Mastercard). Airport personnel were very friendly and helpful. The Comandancia office is inside the general aviation area and the Operaciones office is outside facing the tarmac.

landing on 25 in Huatulco

Satellite photo of the Huatulco Airport. Highway 200 at bottom.

Telephone Numbers   Números de Teléphonos

    Airport Authorities   Autoridades de Aeropuerto
      Airport Manager
    (958) 581-9009, 581-9018 (fax)
    (958) 581-9004/581-9005.
    Control Tower
    Torre de Control
    (958) 581-9006.
    Mexicana Airlines
    HUX Reservations
    Reservaciones HUX
    (958) 587-0223/587-0243/587-0260, 587-1615 (fax)
    (958) 581-9007/581-9008
    (958) 581-9055 (voice/fax)
    Toll-free in Mexico
    Lada sin costo en Mexico
    Toll-free in USA/Canada
    Lada sin costo USA/Canada
    1 (800) 531-7921
    Viajes Mexseasun1 (800) 531-9321
    Frequent Flyers, USA
    Viajero Frecuenta, USA
    1 (800) 531-7901
    Frequent Flyers, Mexico
    Viajero Frecuente, Mexico
    1 (800) 501-9900
    Web site
    Web siendo
    Car rental   Rentales de coche

Wear a Hat

The airport is a lovely open-air palapa-type structure. It is advisable to wear a hat to protect against bird droppings.

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