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Santa Cruz, Oaxaca

GPS: 15°45.2'N 96°07.7'W

Santa Cruz, La Crucecita, and Tangolunda are closely located and comprise the resort area known as Huatulco. Santa Cruz serves as a secondary resort area after the more upscale Tangolunda area. For restaurant listings, see Huatulco Restaurants. For accommodations, see Huatulco Hotels (includes condos, apartments, and villas). For real estate, see Huatulco Real Estate.

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The town of Santa Cruz with the marina in the foreground. The plaza is in the center of the photo just behind the marina; the market is to the right of that.

A cruise ship dock, Muelle Santa Cruz, has been built in Bahía Santa Cruz.

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photo by Laura

The market at Santa Cruz (recommended)

  The market at Santa Cruz (above) is located on Boulevard Santa Cruz next to the plaza (left and below) and the marina. They have many shops with a good selection of hand-made items. Prices may be lower than some shops in the La Crucecita and Tangolunda areas.

The plaza extends from the market back to Playa Santa Cruz. Restaurant El Huayucan on Playa Santa Cruz is recommended.

The Santa Cruz Marina, to the east of the plaza is probably the best place to arrange a reasonably-priced tour of the 7 bays. One of the operators is Prospero Reyes, offers boat tours by panga. 958-40632 (wife, Mariela).

Photos of Church.

Hotel and restaurant listings are on the Huatulco page.

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