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Ballcourt at Yagul   More Photos
Yagul is a Zapotec archeological site dating to about 700 B.C. Yagul comes from the Zapotec language meaning old tree or stick. The site is also called Pueblo Viejo. The first structures were built around 500-700 AD but most of the structures that remain were built between 1250 and 1521 AD when the site was a political capital. It was found occupied at the time of the Spanish Conquest with a population of 6000. After the conquest, the residents were moved to nearby Tlacolula.

Yagul is located 38 kilometers SE of the city of Oaxaca on hwy 190. The turnoff is 1 mile east of the town of Tlacolula de Matamoros and the site is about 1 mile from the highway. The site it situated on a volcanic outcrop and occupies 2.7 acres. The site consists of fortress, cermonial center, and residential areas.

Yagul has been excavated and studied by archaeologists. A restored ballcort dating from 500-700 AD is the largest in the Valley of Oaxaca. A carved serpents head from the ballcourt is displayed in the regional museum in Oaxaca. The ballcourt has a total length of 47 meters with a central playing field of 6x30 meters.

There are several other excavated buildings and a number of tombs.

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