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pet peves
March 03, 2012 05:10PM
from canada TIM HORTONS air canada and walmart if timmys makes it to mexico im out cant get it through my brain
why someone would wait in line for a half an hour to get a cup of coffee .
Re: pet peves
March 03, 2012 05:13PM
Ire, Take a lewd, for chr--ts sake!
Re: pet peves
March 03, 2012 05:14PM
Re: pet peves
March 03, 2012 05:19PM
it is saturday come to my reasturant. lighten up
Re: pet peves
March 03, 2012 05:48PM
I agree 100% Irepin but have to say that seems to be a bigger deal in the east than in the west I was driving by a Timmies in Huntsville Ont and the traffic was backed up forever up the driveway onto the road and wayyyyy down the road In BC at least in a similar sized town in the Kootenays I have never seen anything like that maybe a few cars and I really don't get it whats the big deal anyways my dos centavos tambien
Re: pet peves
March 03, 2012 05:54PM
whats that got to do with mexico where are the wardens when you want them
Re: pet peves
March 03, 2012 05:54PM
someone agrees all i see for garbage in alberta is tim horton coffee cups all i throw out are beer cans and someone always
picks them up just kidding ,an example, should put a bounty on them.
Re: pet peves
March 03, 2012 05:56PM
tom---nancy your dropping the stick
Re: pet peves
March 03, 2012 05:58PM
oh yah another one give your 10-12 year old kids a cell phone then bitch at them for your 800.00 phone bill
Re: pet peves
March 03, 2012 06:01PM
Give them a break. They don't read everything. How could they with the size of this whole site? Mainly act when someone reports a post as being rude or off-topic or if they are monitoring a poster who has been reported frequently.
That's why personal criticism of them is so ridiculous.
Re: pet peves
March 03, 2012 06:10PM
just trying to make it more interesting not every one likes joes playing at the garage tonight be at joe joes tommorrow.
charlies on sunday.
Re: pet peves
March 03, 2012 06:39PM
by the way whats a lewd is that what you take in the us yeah my doc give me a prescription,always good to follow the monkeys ,probably not, wow these pills are awesome you should get some.
Re: pet peves
March 04, 2012 08:35AM
Unless this topic was posted else where first, the title of this part of the forum is called "off topic" or did a few of you miss that?
I guess I won't comment on my cats matted fur and how to get the knots out!
Re: pet peves
March 06, 2012 09:48PM
An 11 yr old girl was handcuffed and escorted by Sheriffs Deputies to a juvenile holding facility in Adams County Colorado. It seems the young lady was cold and going to get her sweater while on lunch break. When approached by a vice principal in the hallway she said " I dont have time for this" and walked away. After "mediation" failed the deputy hancuffed the young lady. Speaking of pet peeves. Overzealous authorities on ANY level has to run near the top of my list! I can just hear my dear Sheriff friend now if some idiotic principal called him to come to a school and subdue an 11 yr old girl that was caught looking for her sweater. Yes I truly can hear the voice of that gentle giant of a man now and believe me the principal would quickly learn to call for his qualified assistence ONLY when it was truthfully needed! What a crazy world we have at hand! LOL!
Re: pet peves
March 11, 2012 09:09PM
LT...you live on a southern forum...you have no viable voice here...
Re: pet peves
March 11, 2012 10:05PM
Ill be glad to wager my voice is a wee bit more viable than yours anytime, anywhere! LOL!
Re: pet peves
March 11, 2012 10:07PM
Maybe I should add wise cracking nerds to that pet peeve list............LOL!
Re: pet peves
March 14, 2012 10:33PM
This weeks pet peeve of the week prize goes to the policeman in Mount Sterling Ohio who went to the home of 9 (NINE) year old Jared Perry. The officer went to the home to ARREST the 9yr old on charges of truancy. It is reported the chld did not want to be arrested and apparently laid down near his couch in protest. The officer then "TASERED" the child twice and later physically subdued the kid. Handcuffed him and arrested him for truancy and resisting arrest! Imagine that!
The matter is now under investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. In my humble opinion the officer involved was lucky that the right father didnt happen upon the incident in question while in progress. Pet peeve of the week no doubt, maybe worse! LOL!
Re: pet peves
March 26, 2012 08:37PM
Perhaps pet peves should extend to a monthly agenda. Its very apparent that the shooting of "treyvon martin" has been vastly overstated including our CIC chiefs comments regarding the situation. According to police reports and eye witness accounts the subject martin attacked the subject Zimmerman violently without provocation. To defend himself the passive subject Zimmerman fearing for his life executed an action of deadly force of self defense which is completely legal under law to protect himself. It is totally disrespective to local law for the CIC to involve himself in such a debacle of opinion. Im truly astounded although not surprised at the lunacy of debate that was instigated completely without adequate investigation.. Had the subject Martin been white or the subject Zimmerman been black this irrelevant debate would not exist period!
The bounty of dead or alive publically posted by the "new black panthers" should be met with warrants and arrests immediately. This whole affair has been orchestrated to cause confusion and unqualified cohesion instigating block votes for the upcoming election. LOL!
Re: pet peves
March 27, 2012 03:41PM
As the above pet peeve continues to unravel it is DEFINITELY WORTH mentioning that EVIDENCE now indicates the AGRRESIVE Treyvon Martin had been suspened from school under a 0 tolerance policy for having in his possesion a marijuana baggy earlier in the day. The other party Mr Zimmerman was performing neighborhood watch duties in the gated community when he reported Treyvon Martin acting suspiciously and also mentioned he appeared to be drugged. Information now available shows that Martin was known as the NO-LIMIT-NIGGA on his personal Twitter account. To make matters more intense Martins father Tracy Martin has made statements such as "even in death they are still disrespecting my son and thats a sin" who was joined by Martins mother saying "They killed my son and now theyre trying to kill his reputaion". After careful analysis of the situation I truly believe that noone has been more disrespectable than the young Martin himself and "they" had nothing to do as far as damaging his reputation. He himself was more responsible than anyone for the reputation that he carried to the grave. The Martin family should use this time to reflect upon themselves as a family and how they failed themselves as well as the son.
It should also be noted that the Martin family are also seeking to Trademark the name of Treyvon Martin. Some folks are unlimited in their zeal to make a buck.
Considering the obvious delicate situation and the unharnessed power of this to become a case completely out of proportion with negative effects on the nation as a whole it is beyond my sense of understanding how the CIC allowed himself to be sucked into this nightmare. Political points being considered this is a no brainer and our CIC should have most definitely studied the details and launched a FULL FACTFINDING investigation before initialing this lame and biased fabrication of bs in front of our great nation! There are many people more deserving of Presidential attention than a youngster self acknowledged as the NO-LIMT-NIGGA. IMOHO! LOL!
Re: pet peves
March 28, 2012 09:18AM
I am starting to see how this works, it is only a "rush to judgement" when someone you like, like in the O.J. case is being accused, not the other way around. Guess the Black Panthers did not rush to judgement on their bounty for apprehending the suspected shooter.
Re: pet peves
April 02, 2012 07:35PM
One investigator just released a book claiming OJs son killed the ex wife and her lover. Havent read it yet but it sure sounds interesting. The Martin/Zimmerman case was handpicked and exploited by the media including radical blacks like Sharpton to create turmoil. The issue brought gun control into play very handily. The curent WH Administration has used Holder (youtube eric holder 1995 brainwash) as a pansy self designing Fast n Furious to promote gun control also. Zimmerman will walk thanks to Stand Your Ground laws plus simple self defense issues involved. Hopefully he will never be indicted. The attack by Martin should serve to strengthen right to carry laws nationwide! LOL!
Re: pet peves
April 03, 2012 11:35AM
Now the CIC has taken the iniciative to threaten the Honorable Supreme Court Justices of the United States of America! This is going a bit far! LOL!
Re: pet peves
April 05, 2012 06:51AM
I and pretty much anyone else who was not there and did not see what happened between Trayvon and Zimmerman, can only guess what really did happen that night. Needless to say it is sad someone lost there life, and it looks like it did not have to happen, with that said , the media and activist have been stirring the pot to have Mr. Zimmerman arrested, they have said he hunted Trayvon down like a mad dog. One of those acivists Al Sharpton has been very vocal and for those of you who do not remember who Tawana Brawley was . go to Wikipedia and read who she was and what happened. Videos of Mr Zimmerman allegedly showed he had no cuts or no broken nose when taken from the police car at the station, and many people cried, he did not look like he had been in a life and death struggle. Now according to the police report, Mr. Zimmermans back was all wet and covered with grass, it had been raining, so I have no idea how you back gets wet and covered with grass unless you are on you back in wet grass. If it is found Mr. Zimmerman commited a crime, he will be punished according to the law, this is not a coverup, it is something that should be investigated, and only if and when they determine a crime was commited by Mr. Zimmerman, he should be brought to justice. Till then all the outrage on national televison only fans the flames of racism.
Re: pet peves
April 05, 2012 01:26PM
An eye witness says that the man in the red shirt (George Zimmerman) was on the bottom as Trayvon Martin (the aggresor) was on top beating Zimmerman. A recent digitally enhanced video DOES show what appears to be a cut on the back of Zimmermans head when he was taken in for questioning on the night he was attacked. Another very incriminating piece of FALSE evidence circulated about the incident was an audio tape EDITED BY NBC that was creating more racial fury because it showed Zimmerman apparently saying Martin was up to no good because he was black. When in fact in the unedited version Zimmerman was answering a dispatcher when the dispatcher ASKED Zimmerman if Martin was White Black or Hispanic and Zimmerman replied he looks black. Theres NO RACIAL BIAS there! Anyone would have to say NBC is completely responsible for this terrible misunderstanding as serious as it is! Zimmerman should file charges against NBC immediately! Then I think the public should wait for the testimony of ballistic experts and crime scene reconstruction experts before any conclusions are made. That should clear up ANY doubts about the position and distance that the fatal shot was fired. And last but certainly not least I would certainly hope the Coroner used sound judgement and performed complete toxicology tests on the deceased to clarify what could be a deciding factor in the case concerning the young Martins habitual use of drugs. As he had been expelled from school for possesion of drug paraphenelia including EMPTY bags of marijuana. There are many more decisive points of defense regarding Mr. Zimmermans police investigation backed claim of self defense.
Yes the parading of Bro Alfred Sharpton Jr in the case is a bit disturbing due to his racial hosility. He certainly spends all his time plus makes alot of money promoting false accusations concerning crimes committed by blacks. The Brawley case was as famous as the Bernhard Goetz case. And both left Bro Al on his face wrong wrong again. I feel quite sure the Martin shooting as tragic as it was will eventually prove to be nothing of racial content. Nothing more than an American man defending himself in an attack by another American. Its a shame some people spend their lives flaming problems that dont exist. But then Sharpton and Jackson have made a life extracting big bucks while hollaring racism. They both need to shutup and get a real job. Both whites and blacks would benefit greatly if they did! LOL!
Re: pet peves
April 07, 2012 08:43AM
Another couple points regarding the Trayvon Martin case. The New York Times reports that the NBC Producer in charge of editing and publishing the CONFLICTIVE audio has been fired. That within itself clearly portrays guilt of character assasination by NBC. The racial fury incited by this horrendous and purposefully harmful editing could very well have cost Mr Zimmerman or his family their lives. Which brings us to another seriously troubling point of concern. The New Black Panther Party in their obviously racially motivated criminal acts have posted rewards for Mr Zimmermans capture DEAD or ALIVE. That within itself is a criminal act with the instigating monetary reward of killing an inocent man that at this time has absolutely 0 charges against him. The New Black Panther Party itself should be criminally charged with instigating terrorist actions and each member particpating in the illegal actions should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. That terroristic organization has ties to radical Islam and needs to be irradicated from American soil. Organizations such as the NBPP does nothing but promote social unrest. Something the USA surely doesnt need any of! LOL!
Re: pet peves
April 09, 2012 10:14AM
Another problem that doesnt seem to have received proper attention is the video account of a white man in Baltimore being brutally attacked by a gang of black thugs in Baltimore on St Patricks Day. The black american or african american (or whatever black folks want to be called this decade) detective representing the Baltimore Police Dept said he was "relieved" of his property etc. Sounds so nice and pretty doesnt it? What happened the the hate crime accusations and the racist comments concerning this terrible crime? Where are the white spokesmen accusing these criminals of terroristic activities and gang related crimes etc? The whole racist conspiracy examples vanish when its black on white crime nowdays. This is a sickening example of how the media alters the facts and incites racial fury when it fits the liberal socialistic agenda. The whole group of thugs should be arrested and prosecuted. If not the white victim should hunt them down 1x1 and administer a little street justice! With the same theme the new black panthers are using, WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE! LOL!
Re: pet peves
April 10, 2012 08:43AM
It beggars the imagination to understand how such a flaming defender of "the white man", as LT has demonstrated himself to be, could have let this grievous injustice imbedded in the "ridiculous tyrannic health care bill" go by, apparently, unnoticed, especially since it has been effect since July 1, 2010 with the passing of that "ridiculous tyrannic health care bill".

Friends, I am referring to the ten percent tax, per visit, imposed on tanning bed users that the craven, socialistic and, dare I infer, the racially profiling Obama administration has levied on citizens of the more pink persuasion.

If ever there is a cause that is worthy of our resident delusional correspondent's over wrought paranoia, this is it! This tanning bed tax is a dagger aimed at the heart of caucasian desires to be just a little darker and healthy appearing and obviously seeks to further darkly held plans to make "white people" more easily identifiable to the gestapo hordes the administration will unleash after its re-election.

LT, get to work, and expose this tanning bed tax for what it is!!!!
Re: pet peves
April 10, 2012 09:07AM
"Rev." Jeremiah Alvesta Wright is back in the news unfortunately. The conspiracy to divide America along racial lines being his main theme once again. The 70 yr old recently attacked Judge Clarence Thomas along with Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt amongst others. His more than inflammatory accusations coupled with his ability to completely invent and falsify topics according to his insane prophecies are amazing! One must take note of the time he again draws media exposure. Exactly the same time that the racial troublemakers are stirring the pot to create disillusions which are designed to lead to racial turmoil and havoc on a national scale. All carefully orchestrated right before your very eyes! This is but a small part of the overall scheme to distract the public leading up to the election in November. Lets hope it doesnt work as planned. Meantime Americans as a whole should carefully study how anyone could possibly listen to this advocate of racially biased bs for 20 yrs and be impartial. LOL!
Re: pet peves
April 10, 2012 12:04PM
I have heard that the 10% tax is refunded if you show up in a hoodie for your tanning visits.
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