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Re: pet peves
April 10, 2012 02:15PM
Tanning beds were designed to congregate apologetic whites no doubt. Someone should open a tanning parlor and put up a sign whites only! Alan could be treasurer! Hahaha
Re: pet peves
April 10, 2012 05:26PM
I am shocked that L.T., whose vigilant defense of all white skin tones has been amply demonstrated here, would pale at the discriminatory implications of the tanning bed tax and choose to denigrate his fellow caucasians by castigating some of them as possibly apologetic in seeking to darken their skins, if not their souls, by an exposure to a warmer environment!! That he would suggest that I should join in this blatantly exploitive scheme emphasizes a recent disintegration of his senses. Has increased BBQ fume exposure been the cause of this sad development?
Re: pet peves
April 10, 2012 10:50PM
Evidently Mr George Zimmerman fearing for his life has went deeper into hiding. This can be reinforced by the fact that his own attorneys have stepped down claiming their inability to locate or communicate with their client. This has prompted the family of the deceased Trayvon Martin, known to many Twitter users as the NO-LIMIT-NIGGA to claim concern that Mr Zimmerman may not be found and tried for the death of the young Martin who according to Sanford Police attacked Zimmerman. Under attack Mr Zimmerman fearing for his life used a single shot from a 9mm handgun to defend himself. Mr Zimmerman was well within the Florida State law and was licensed to carry the handgun. The Martin sympathizers have offered a Wanted Dead or Alive reawrd for George Zimmerman. This is the apparent reason he has went into deep hiding. There has been NO charges filed at this time and unless an overzealous prosecutor comes forth attempting to make a name for themself none are expected! There is not sufficient evidence to prosecute Mr Zimmerman and many highly respected legal scholars have opinionated that the case against him is easily winnable. That is comforting.
Also worth noting is the FACT that if the racially inflammed case were completely reversed and Zimmerman had attacked Martin this poster would beyond any shadow of doubt support the self defense of Martin. In all actuality this has nothing to do with color. Its a simple case of right against wrong and theres not a tanning bed or a two bit tax law that can change the facts! LOL!
Re: pet peves
April 11, 2012 12:38PM
I and others have found quite disturbing L.T.'s continued exhibition of a near fetish like fascination with the Zimmerman case now he has been alerted to the Obama administration's despicable tanning bed tax aimed at the veritable fleecing of pale people. But, when he denigrates it as "two bit", this niggardly short shrift he gives it takes on more foreboding tones.
Does this aversion to the subject of tanning booths and their effects connote more darker symbolism? Frankly, while I am not fully sold on this theory, some have suggested that should full eugenic sensors be deployed, the scent of an octoroon would be detected in the barbecue haze. L.T., it's time you cleared the air!!
Re: pet peves
April 11, 2012 08:31PM
Re: pet peves
April 12, 2012 05:43AM
Absolutely no rest on the horizon when radical racist are attacking a man that acted in self defense. Had you been attacked while performing public services to propect your community the situation would sure be different wouldnt it mr liberal gene? Long live the 2nd Amendment and the right to Stand Your Ground!
Re: pet peves
April 12, 2012 01:25PM
Hey AV, most people need a translator to understand your diatribe. Oh Oh here we go again, your superior intelligence is on display again.
Re: pet peves
April 12, 2012 05:22PM
I don't know about you, Loony Tunes, but I don't feel the need to "defend my community" from 17-year-old boys walking down the street minding their own business "armed" with a bag of candy and an iced tea,

You are such a racist, you are blind to facts. It's really sad to think you go through life with such hate. What a wasted life.
Re: pet peves
April 12, 2012 05:54PM
Your attitude should definitely get you an honorary position if not a genuine job with the New Black Panther "Party". I wish the forum had an accurate description of your experience with punks like Martin aka the NO-LIMIT-NIGGA! Ive seen em in action and it aint nice. Talk about racial profiling. This case is a prime example. If Martin had been white or Zimmerman black the word of the POLICE and the first unbiased state prosecutor would have been enough to file the case closed as it deserves. I took the ridiculous apppointment of a "special" prosecutor to file "special" charges under PRESSURE of a "special" group of racists to TAKE Zimmerman to trial. Lets wait and see if he can get a fair trial AND adequate legal assistence. If so Im quite sure the truth will be exposed before this is over. LOL!
Re: pet peves
April 12, 2012 07:11PM
Because Martin did some silly juvenile bragging on a Facebook page means he deserved to die? And why do you put "LOL" at the end of your posts about this tragedy? One person is dead and another might spend the rest of his life in prison and you are "laughing out loud?" And by the way, I have not pre-judged Zimmerman, he may in fact be not guilty of second degree murder, I don't know, I don't have all the facts. But I do know he was told not to pursue Martin and he did so anyway, so he is guilty or something. And once again, guilty or not, a young man is dead, does that not bother you at all? You are one sick puppy.

Strange how you are obsessed with this case and any other one involving what you see as the fault of blacks but nary a peep from you about events such as what happened in Tulsa last week, where 3 blacks were killed at random by two white men. Oh, that's right, they were just "no limit niggas" I guess.

Go crawl back into your hole, sicko.

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Re: pet peves
April 13, 2012 05:58AM
Its funny to read Paulis slant. Way too forgiving as far as the agressor is concerned. I guess when ballistic experts chime in and crime scene reinaction experts put Martin on top of Zimmerman and the fact that Zimmerman was bleeding from his nose and the back of his head when the police arrived a couple minutes after he pulled the trigger wouldnt slightly CONFIRM self defense? Ok lets not pay any attention to the eye witness either. Nor the prior obviously clean history and dedicated work by Zimmerman to protect his community. Nor slightly consider Martins history of illegal drug use and expulsion from school for the same. I can only hope that toxiology tests were performed on the deceased. That would certainly be of great interest. Lets just wait until the facts ARE in and get back to this. Im sure it will be very INTERESTING! LOL!
Now you go crawl back in your hole mr bleeding heart!
Re: pet peves
April 13, 2012 07:42AM
PF, you say you don't have all the facts, but appearantly you do know with all certainty that Zimmerman did persue him? Were you there? His brother disputes that fact, says he was going back to his car when confronted by Martin, so you must have some inside info. If people would just wait untill All of the facts are presented in court, and again, those "facts"are presented by whomever is on the stand, and it is their version, perhaps then and only then the jury will decide whos "facts" were most credible and then dole out any verdict. Supossedly there are a few eye witnesses, and they will have there input during the trial, until then, unless anyone of us was there, the only thing we KNOW for cetain is someone is dead, we will find out why with the trial.
Re: pet peves
April 13, 2012 11:57AM
It is amazing to me how you both can turn this around and make Martin, the unarmed man, the aggressor and Zimmerman, the armed man, the victim. Just amazing. Talk about living in an alternate reality.
Re: pet peves
April 13, 2012 12:49PM
Yeah as though "both" of I and CP are the only ones evaluating the FACTS. The left wing GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED liberal agenda media has already made a circus out of the facts. Not much even you can add to the confusion now Pauli. Ok lets say Zimmerman was "stalking" Martin as Martins parents have stated. Why would Zimmerman call 911? If Zimmerman had been following Martin and Martin was within 70 feet of the door of one of his fathers lovers why didnt he make a quick dash for safety or call 911 himself? Its clear what Zimmermans interest was. It was to alert the authorities to an unknown person who looked suspicious within a gated community. Something he had done many times within the last year. Evidently he was following him and advising the dispatcher via cell phone on his location as Martin was on the move. (Martin was unidentifiable with his face covered by a hooded sweatshirt.) At which time for some unknown reason Martin responded by attacking Zimmerman. Theres no stupid hate crime here at all. Unless you call what some radical criminal elements within the black community have threatened to do against George Zimmerman a hate crime. In my opinion George Zimmerman acted in self defense and was within legal bounds doing so. He had the right to Stand His Ground under Florida State Law. That is my opinion AND the opinion of various legal scholars. There sure arent many legal scholars who say Martin was within the law to attack Zimmerman. Maybe a few rabid reverands and some wild black panthers! So much for racist idiots. And this opinion comes from the same white man that monitored the late Johnny Cochran lead O.J. Simpson and his defense team to an inocent verdict. My stance of his innocence brought me quite a bit of heat from my WHITE friends. I hold no racial prejudices AND definitely do not bow down to pressure from "special" interest groups. Better parenting and loving guidance could have saved Martins life. His parents should reflect upon themselves and look inward at what actually caused the loss of their son. Sad situations like this are patiently awaited by some to further personal agendas as this case clearly shows. Our country is being slowly divided and exploited circumstances such as this pave the way for internal conflict that we should work together as a nation to avoid. Simply for the good of America. LOL!
Re: pet peves
April 13, 2012 01:14PM
While most people dream in technicolor, it becomes apparent that L.T. and his newest sidekick only get it in black and white and in their myopic view one is so much better than the other.
L.T.'s continued avoidance of addressing the tanning bed tax issue remains disturbing. In the past, investigations into his extreme views on homosexuals which mirrored the bias of muslims extremists led us to the discovery of burka ladened closets on his mental premises. Now, is this latest aversion indicative of deeply held fears as to his true origins? Time and a DNA swab will tell…
Memo to the phrankfurter: Assumably as English is your native tongue, it must be embarrassing to ask for a translator. Try a dictionary or goggle any words that buzz by you. A larger vocabulary is no guarantee of superior intelligence, as William Buckley and George Will have so often demonstrated. You can goggle names too Lamar...
Re: pet peves
April 13, 2012 01:39PM
PF, I never said Martin was the aggressor, I said he confronted Zimmerman and that was his brothers contention, I did not try to turn anything around on Martin, just saying there are different versions, and since I was not there I have no idea, it will come out in court.
Re: pet peves
April 13, 2012 01:48PM
Re: pet peves
April 13, 2012 07:31PM
I understand, Phrankfurter and I don't disagree, but you did ask where is the evidence Zimmerman pursued Martin. If Zimmerman had not pursued him, why the confrontation at all? Perhaps he was returning to his car, but first he had to pursue and confront Martin, that is obvious. But once again, I am not pronouncing Zimmerman guilty, that is for the jury to decide.

As for L.T., well what can I say? Only that he is crazy or evil, or both.
Re: pet peves
April 13, 2012 10:09PM
I think the pros and cons of this case have gotten a bit off track. Apparently there was only one eye witness that clearly stated that Martin was on top beating Zimmerman. Martin is dead. So all the hooplahoo in the media by his family and the radical protestors is nothing more than imaginary accusations. They are constantly protesting and threatening Zimmerman strictly because they want to construct the case concept to suit their personal agenda. Zimmerman had all reason to follow Martin and report his whreabouts to the police for location and identification upon their arrival. Simply following someone should not be any reason for the person to attack. Another point worth understanding is it makes no sense whatsoever for Zimmerman to call 911 if he planned to molest Martin in any way. Much less if he planned to shoot Martin. There was clearly no racial bias on part of Zimmerman either.
A very important piece of this appeasement is why the "special" prosecutor didnt take the case before a grand jury? Simple. Because a grand jury would most likely agree with the police and the first prosecutor and not file charges. But that "special" prosecutor Angela Corey couldnt risk her big shot at the spotlight by allowing this great opportunity to pass her by. Fortunately Zimmerman has chosen a top notch lawyer Mr. Mark O'Mara. I feel quite sure he will invoke the Stand Your Ground law. It clearly states that if a person is in reasonable fear of great bodily injury or death they may react to it. Which is what Mr Zimmerman did. The police testimony of wounds in the face and back of the head should surely have some bearing on the outcome of the trial. Personally I wish the Zimmerman/O'Mara team luck!
Ya see Paula crazy or evil has nothing to do with it. Its simply a case of right and wrong as you will most likely see when its finished. You would make a good new panther, go boi go! LOL!
Re: pet peves
April 14, 2012 08:19AM
"Ya see Paula crazy or evil has nothing to do with it. Its simply a case of right and wrong as you will most likely see when its finished. You would make a good new panther, go boi go! LOL!"

Once again, L.T. provides us with another telling clue into his damaged persona. This blatant attempt to feminize his adversary indicates the deep-seated hostility of ideological bullies who cannot tolerate dissent as well their heavily suppressed latent tendencies and fears. Add to this his now exposed heritage uncertainty, the crumbling cauldron of contradictions that is our little L.T. may be beginning to crack.

Those would let those shaky hands cook their meal at his recently opened barbecue joint are brave souls. And, perhaps, those who can no longer tolerate his often expressed hatefulness towards others will take their pesos elsewhere.
Re: pet peves
April 14, 2012 12:19PM
Yeah well take your pledge of condemnation and slide it in a nice safe dark spot so you can savour it. Ill even throw in a pile of bones we usually give to the little bulldog my kids adopted from the Adoquin neighborhood for you to naw on as you feel the feeling with "Rev" Sharpton, "Bro" Doodley J. Do Wright and the honorable "Padre" J (Wannabe a King) Jackson. Cuz it dont make me no never mind bout whatever you be dancing n hollaring bout.
You better get on that squaking bandwagon and worry bout Attorney Mark O'Maras shore nuff defense hes undoubtably preparing for George Zimmerman to Stand His Ground! When that haze clears you bois gonna have something to crow about! That will take some time. Meanwhile I need to prepare for May 1st which I have officially declared a North American Christian Holiday! May the beer, wine and Mezcal flow freely! LOL!
Re: pet peves
April 14, 2012 03:20PM
Av if you want to do a little give and take via this forum that is one thing but by reading between the lines, you are hinting that LT's beliefs affect his culinary skills, and perhaps people should spend their peso's elsewhere is a little out of line, in my opinion.
Re: pet peves
April 14, 2012 05:06PM
Hahaha Acording to my E-Mails and PMs its more than out of line. The poor guy cant draw blood from me to any great degree concerning my opinion of the Zimmerman self defense trial so he resorts to childish jabs towards the family BBQ joint. Funny guy he is. My wife and kids have never heard of Zimmerman or Martin and probably couldnt care less about the crazy racial hate wars developing because of them. His inmature and appalling commentary while completely deviating from the subject says more about his true intentions of instigating conflict than it does anything else. Hes clearly not an adequate adversary in a debate concerning legal circumstances and honestly reminds me of jessie jackson who constantly changes the subject when being directly pinned down on factual circumstances. Hey its like Youve gotta point and I damn sure cant defend my putrid position so Ill attack your family, your color or your religion. A disgustingly sickening tactic. And by the way AV you can have the last word. You and Anything you post Ill include on my list of things I dont give a flying s/&t about! ROTFLMFAOA! LOL!
Re: pet peves
April 14, 2012 05:32PM
L.T. has kids? Boy I feel sorry for them to be raised by such a hater. And I sure wouldn't spend any of my money in any place owned by him. Maybe others feel that way too, which is why he is so afraid to use his name here.

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Re: pet peves
April 14, 2012 09:39PM
Chicago doggie...My understanding of the free market system contains the premise that one is allowed to spend their pesos where they wish and that others have the right to suggest where they might wish to do so. Ergo, should they no longer wish to spend them on the premises of those who do not share their principles they have the right to do so. Out of line, I don't think so…

L.T., you are the last word and every one you seem to use further nails you into the sorry little casket you will end up in, enjoying all your little dusky relatives, together at last…killing your kin so softly...
Re: pet peves
April 15, 2012 09:37AM
I just saw Bill Cosby on CNN and he said something I agree with 100% and have said myself since the this tragic shooting happened: this is not a race issue, it is a gun issue. It is simply too easy not only to get a handgun, but to use it with impunity. Under Florida law, all Zimmerman has to prove is that he "felt threatened" by Martin and he gets off scott free, which is likely to happen, to the joy of my favorite contributor here, Loony Tunes himself. God Bless America.
Re: pet peves
April 15, 2012 03:25PM
By saying Zimmerman gets off "scott free" sounds as if you already have him guilty, why don't we let the law of the land in Florida make that decision by a jury instead of a one man judgement as to guilt or innocents?
Re: pet peves
April 15, 2012 08:21PM
He may indeed be "not guilty" under Florida law, but that doesn't mean he is innocent.
Re: pet peves
April 15, 2012 09:44PM
Re: pet peves
April 16, 2012 05:00AM
And that my friend is all that has to be proved in Florida in this case.
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