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Forum for the City of Colima and Comala, including Cuauhtémoc, Suchitlán, La María, Volcán de Fuego, Nevado de Colima, Tampumacchay, Minatitlán 
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Hobby Store

by shoe
1,304507/30/2010 11:03AM
Last Post by shoe

Birding Colima

by Comala Host
1,475707/26/2010 07:41PM
Last Post by Howard


by ciccia
1,260107/17/2010 10:52PM
Last Post by ciccia

House Finch time

by Howard
1,231104/17/2010 04:56PM
Last Post by Howard

Comala and Colima a must before you head back north

by admiremexicotours
1,146104/12/2010 10:47PM
Last Post by admiremexicotours


by Willie Bodrak
1,139103/20/2010 09:25PM
Last Post by Willie Bodrak

Big BBQ Blow-Out...Closing for the Season

by Anonymous User
1,089103/13/2010 01:56PM
Last Post by Anonymous User

Eugenio Toussaint Jazz Concert Has Been Cancelled

by wineguy
1,195103/08/2010 06:01PM
Last Post by wineguy


by guapo
1,225103/01/2010 06:37PM
Last Post by guapo

Eugenio Toussaint Jazz Concert Rescheduled

by wineguy
1,191102/16/2010 11:30AM
Last Post by wineguy

Ballet Folklorico de Colima upcoming presentations

by Comala Host
1,509102/03/2010 08:09PM
Last Post by Comala Host

Jazz Concert Update

by wineguy
1,084302/03/2010 03:07PM
Last Post by wineguy

Casa Alvarada new price structure

by Comala Host
1,248102/03/2010 02:31PM
Last Post by Comala Host

Fiesta Villa Alvarez

by decoyman
1,284201/22/2010 10:52PM
Last Post by Comala Host

best time of year to visit the comala area?

by steve2709564
1,319501/22/2010 10:30PM
Last Post by Comala Host

Eugenio Toussant Jazz Trio Concert Ticket Update

by wineguy
1,089101/17/2010 10:13AM
Last Post by wineguy

Frost on fire!

by Comala Host
1,273101/16/2010 05:00PM
Last Post by Comala Host

Jazz Concert Tickets No On Sale

by wineguy
1,139601/07/2010 08:20AM
Last Post by wineguy

Edgar Winter Blues Concert Confirmed

by wineguy
1,227101/05/2010 04:04PM
Last Post by wineguy

Volcano update

by Comala Host
1,270112/28/2009 09:26PM
Last Post by Comala Host

Ice skating rink 20 minutes from Comala

by Comala Host
2,309112/01/2009 11:20AM
Last Post by Comala Host


by Comala Host
1,394311/30/2009 05:19PM
Last Post by Comala Host

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