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Abraham Levy

Kayaking the Coast

October 2008
Web: www.abrahamlevy.com
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Abraham Levy arrives at Laguna Manialtepec   photo from Gina
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This is the first time that a Méxican has kayaked the entire length of the coasts of México from the US--Mexican border of el Rio Bravo (Rio Grande) to Chetumal, the border with Belize (Gulf of México and Caribbean). When Abraham completed the eastern coast, he put in again off the coast of Tijuana and began his journey down the Pacific Coast, making stops along the way at untouched beaches, getting to see the fauna and flora of the coast, sometimes without seeing people for five days. His diet has consisted mostly of fruit, fish and energy bars.

When he has stopped at populated beaches, he has met with local people explaining to them about his experiences and bringing the message of the importance of caring for the environment. Representatives of SEMARNAT, the government agency that deals with México's coasts, rivers, lagoons, lakes and dams, have helped Abraham coordinate the trip. He is in constant satelite communication with his team of sponsors and supporters. The trip has not been without danger including some close encounters with whales and crocodiles.

In our area, Abraham made three stops--at the Laguna de Manialtepec, at Carrizalillo Beach and at Zicatela Beach.

Gina Machorro

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