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Finca La Gloria

Coffee Plantation Tour
near Santa Maria Petatengo, Oaxaca

Max Sheremberg

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Finca La Gloria

Coffee drying in the sun. Inner husk has not yet been removed.

Coffee roasters

Coffee trees require the shade of taller trees. At this time
(March), the coffee has already been harvested.

Coffee is fermented in these pits. Phew!

Other plants on the plantation.
Tom dives into a pool
on nearby Río Zimatán.
GPS 15°55.54'N 96°06.87'W

The group enjoys a home cooked meal as guests of the
owners, Maria Isabela (Doña Chabelita) & Don Gustavo
Scherremberg. Our guide, Eva Havard, of Eco Aventuras,
at center, shows us how to eat Mexican food.

Maria Scherremberg offers coffee,
juice, and mescal to her guests after dinner.
Coffee beans are mounded
up at the end of the day.

On the way to the coffee plantation, we stopped for a demonstration in tortilla making.

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