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Playa Entrega

Oaxaca's first pay toilet beach

Located in Bahía Chahue
Bahías de Huatulco
GPS: 15°44.5'N 96°07.9'W

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Playa Organo
Playa Maguey
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Santa Cruz, Oaxaca
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Bahía Chahué
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  Playa La Entrega, meaning the surrender, is where the Italian sailor Francisco Picaluga betrayed General Vicente Guerrero. The 600' beach is the southernmost of the Santa Cruz beaches and is popular for swimming, snorkeling and diving. It hosts numerous palapa restaurants and a pay-to-use restroom. Wave action varies from calm to moderate at different places along the beach. Accessible by land and boat.

The photo shows Playa Entrega in its more natural state in early development.

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