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Boca de Iguanas, Jalisco

(GPS 19°18.42'N 104°49.14'W)
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Boca de Iguanas is a small beachfront settlement located about 19 miles northwest of Barra de Navidad. A 3km paved road leads from the intersection with coastal highway 200 at Km 21 (GPS 19°18.67'N 104°47.85'W) to Boca de Iguanas. The settlement consists of a hotel/restaurant, 2 camping/trailer parks, and 2 more restaurants on Bahía Tenacatita with a freshwater lagoon just behind the beach. Although mosquitos weren't a problem on and near the beach, areas further back have many due to the proximity of the lagoon; bring your insect repellant. An 18' crocodile occasionally visits from the lagoon.

Boca has offered a secluded retreat with modest and economical accommodations. However, that is about to change with the development of new, trendy hotels and residential projects. (4/07)

Boca de Iguanas as seen from the air   More Aerial Photos

Note the wide expanse of sand which curves for 6 miles around Bahía Tenacatita. There are reportedly oyster beds just offshore, but I found it a bit difficult to swim out past the breakers. The large, gently sloping beach and typically gentle waves are great for kids.

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Accommodations • Habitaciones

    Additional accommodations are available in La Manzanilla and Cuastecomates, a few miles to the east, and in Tenacatita, to the west.

    • Boca de Iguanas Beach Hotel (949) 892-5144 US, (315) 351-5614 Mexico. Restaurant. Olga@BocadeIguanas.com. (4/09)
    • Boca Beach campground (317) 381-0393 - Michelle in Autlán.
    • Chantli Mare (375) 765-5044 (Mexico). Pool, pool bar, fine dining restaurant, on the beach, AC, Wi-Fi, TV. Adults only unless entire inn is rented. US$145-$215. info@chantlimare.com (4/12)
    • Iguana Loca Hostel (315) 100-0838. 1 Calle de Pozo. 2-bedroom house for rent, 2 bungalows with private baths, and hostel accommodations. Also camping and camper hookups. (1/17)
    • Ismagolf Campground (315) 104-3345, (315) 104-9474. Campground on the beach for tents and RVs, restrooms, water. Golfing can be arranged in Barra de Navidad, other accommodations available. info@ismagolf.com (10/12)

Boca de Iguanas, has a beautiful, tranquil, gently sloping beach. At the west end of the beach at the level of the beach is a cave-like opening in the rocks with a small altar.

This trailer park at Boca de Iguanas (P.O. Box 93, Melaque, Jalisco) is located right on the beach and just off the paved road. A second trailer park is located on the road not far away.

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