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Ice Cream of Oaxaca

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A colorful combination of Limón and Tuna

Ice cream or nieves is very popular here and there are many flavors to choose from. Oaxaca's tropical location and mountainous terrain yield a variety of growing climates leading to a diverse supply of locally-grown produce. So the flavors are natural and numerous but artificial coloring is used. Many of the ice cream flavors that are common here are unheard of elsewhere. The Oaxacan ice cream is not "creamy" but has a coarser texture containing ice crystals. This can be overlooked because it tastes so good.

You can find locally made ice cream in the market and in one of the many ice cream stands at Jardín Sócrates in front of the Basilica de la Soledad. It isn't exactly cheap with the 2011 cost of $25 pesos (about US$2) per serving.

Vendors list the flavors under categories of milk-based and water-based. Some flavors are found in both lists because they can be made either way. Most of the flavors are fairly bold except that my wife thought the limón was a bit weak (I make it much stronger). Standard Oaxacan flavors are:

Milk-based flavors

Water-based flavors

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