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February 2010
by Tom Penick
Email:   tom@tomzap.com

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Visitors' Comments

These photos were taken along the route of flight from Monterrey to León-Guanajuato.

It's good to get out of Monterrey

This prominent landmark is along the route. I think it is Cerro San Rafael

The shortest distance between two points is not down a mountain road

Where are we?

Monterrey Departure sent us around the mountains so now we're working our way back on course

Sierra Madre Oriental

Cerro San Rafael 12,172'

And again

Near Galeana   24.81°N 100.12°W



La Paz

Still a little snow in the mountains

Seven miles southwest of Matehuala. Do you know the name of this town? tom@tomzap.com 23.536°N 100.731°W

Villa de Guadalupe   23.373°N 100.757°W

Eight miles south of Villa de Guadalupe. Do you know the name of this town? tom@tomzap.com 23.251°N 100.832°W

Mexquitic, 5 miles NW of San Luis Potosi   22.264°N 101.122°W

Name this town. tom@tomzap.com   22.058°N 101.177°W

12 miles SW of San Luis Potosi   21.997°N 101.159°W

Nuevo Valle de Moreno, 15 miles NE of León

The general aviation office area at León-Guanajuato Airport

Two Cherokees sit in front of a row of general aviation hangers at León-Guanajuato

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