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The small state of Colima covers an area of 2004 square miles (5191 km2). It is bordered by the states of Jalisco to the west and north, and Michoacán to the east. The two largest cities are the capital, Colima, located inland NE of the center of the state, and Manzanillo, a tourist resort area and shipping port on the Pacific coast. I have photographed the entire coast of Colima and those images are available here.

The coast of Colima is at a latitude of 19°N, comparable to Jamaica and Hawaii. Temperatures are comfortably warm during most of the year becoming hot and humid in the months of July and August. The rainy season runs from June to October. This doesn't mean it will be raining all the time, just that it CAN rain. Usually, it just rains every 3 or 4 days, a gentle rainshower in the late afternoon or evening. The first rains turn the brown dry-season forest to green. Rainy season is also hurricane season so keep an eye on the weather.

Colima [coe·LEE mah], Colima is the capital city of the state of Colima. It is the jumping off place for excursions to the Colima Volcano and holds many attractions of its own.
A popular seaside town near Manzanillo, Cuyutlán [coo·yute·LAHN] features a long beach of coarse grey sand lined with numerous palapa restaurants. The location has produced sea salt for centuries, continues to do so, and has a museum dedicated to the subject.

Manzanillo [mahn zah NEE yoe] is a major resort area and shipping port on the Pacific coast. Known as the Sailfish Capital of the World, Manzanillo is popular with deep-sea fishermen.
Comala [coe MAH lah] is picturesque town 6 miles north of Colima, known for its carved furniture, paintings, wrought iron work, and botaneros.

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