The Gazebo, San Gabriel Park, Georgetown, TX, 3/30/2014

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Sunday, March 30, 2014   This was our first performance of the 2014 season at the Gazebo in the San Gabriel Park in Georgetown, TX. We played from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

The weather was pleasant but it was quite windy. There were several people flying kites in the park but the microphones picked up the wind noise.

We had a light turnout. Mark M. came for the first time. John M. and Bruce D. came from Ringdale. Anthony brought his mom and friends Tammy and Nathan. Tom's brother, Robert, was there. John W. and Sadie, recently back from a Mexico trip, we there.

We took several breaks because Jeff was tiring quickly due to his chemotherapy treatments. We took a long supper break for Rodger. We introduced a new original song, That's What She Said and played about 20 songs. Anthony Drake and Steve Whitfield each played guitars and sang solo during breaks.

Tomzap Songs Played at the Park
  • That's What She Said   by Tom Penick
  • Go Go Power Rangers   by The Mighty Raw
    Set 1:
  • Audience of One   from Rise Against
  • Come And See the Show   by Tom Penick
  • Start Again   by Tom Penick
  • De Música Ligera   by Gustavo Cerati of Soda Stereo   about
  • Traveler   by Tom Penick   about
  • I Can't Get Over Loving You   by Tom Penick
    Set 2:
  • Got to Have a Habit   by Tom Penick
  • Highway Song   by Tom Penick     about
  • Killer Foam   by Rodger Hutchins
  • Go Go Power Rangers   by The Mighty Raw
    Set 3:
  • Take On Me   from a-ha   about
  • Never Say Goodbye   by Tom Penick
  • Somebody Loves You   by Tom Penick   about
  • On and On   by Tom Penick
  • Lords of Light   by Rodger Hutchins   play
  • Hallelujah   by Leonard Cohen
    Set 4:
  • That's What She Said   by Tom Penick
  • Talk   written by the members of the band Coldplay   play
  • It's Alright It's Okay   by The Hawks

Steve Whitfield

Tom takes a walk during Lords of Light

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