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Snoopy goes to Manzanillo

Statue is donated to the city of Manzanillo in honor of sister city
partnership with Saint Paul, Minnesota. 2/5/2003
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This Snoopy Statue, is dedicated to all the people of the city of Manzanillo and the Sate of Colima, to honor the Sister City Partnership between Saint Paul, Minnesota and Manzanillo, Colima. The artists and sister city delegation is pleased to be able to present this goodwill gift to the city of Manzanillo.

The Snoopy Statue is donated to honor the memory of Saint Paul's native son, Charles M. Schulz and Lloyd and Ardis Peterson Minnesotan's who fell in love with Manzanillo in 1969.

Ambassador Snoopy is donated by their children Val Peterson Koens, John Peterson and Steve Peterson who continue the legacy and love of Manzanillo.

Ambassador snoopy designed by Wanda Mumm and created by Wanda Mumm and Armando Gutierrez is meant to show the connection between Saint Paul and Manzanillo, Mexico. The walleye is for Minnesota and the sailfish is for Manzanillo.

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