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Santiago Peninsula

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The Santiago Peninsula lies to the west of downtown Manzanillo (out of view) and is the location of some of the more upscale hotels. Las Hadas [photo] is on the eastern side where the harbor can be seen jutting out into the bay.

Bahía de Manzanillo is seen at right with Bahía de Santiago at left. The coastal Hwy 200 passes across the upper section of the photo with many hotels located on or very near the highway.

At far left is Playa Olas Altas with Playa Santiago at left center. In the foreground is Playa Audiencia. In the center of the photos is Playa Salagua and at right is Playa Manzanillo.

Accommodations in the Santiago area include:

  • Barcelo
  • Gran Costa Real Manzanillo
  • Las Hadas
  • Pepe's Hideaway
  • Hotel Playa de Santiago
  • Plaza Tucanes

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