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Hotel Buena Vista

Posted by teresa 
Hotel Buena Vista
August 24, 2015 01:02PM
I haven't been to Puerto Angel for a couple of years. Is Hotel Buena Vista still open and operating? Their webpage is down and I haven't seen a post on trip advisor since January.
Sounds like there are a few changes happening in town.
Re: Hotel Buena Vista
September 01, 2015 03:29PM
Just around the corner from Siete Regiones on the blind hill? Sure! if the view is essential, go further up the highway past the Panteon cut-off and check out "A Nice View"
Re: Hotel Buena Vista
October 25, 2015 04:50PM
I'll check it out with my friends, who are the owners, and report. It was up in the air for awhile.
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